November 23, 2011

This season make it right: I’m giving in to leather!

       I encourage wardrobe creativity, so this weekend, I’m welcoming a trend that is making a comeback this season. LEATHER! Yes I’ve lusted over sequins, laces and shared the love for animal print but this time I’m giving in to leather. …you might think I’m a tad bit crazy, because of the weather situation, how can we wear them?   Ladies I’m talking about faux leather leggings, (alternative to real leather, fake) they’re airy, stretchy, form fitting and a huge trend right now.  Most of us love the look and feel of tight shiny leggings - others because they're not only flattering - they're comfortable too.

And who’s to say that some pieces don’t deserve to be repeated, these faux leather leggings can be dressed up or down, semi-formal or casual, to errands, to parties, and beyond. The slick leather bottoms work well with practically everything — and if ever there is a time to invest in a pair it's now.

Need more convincing?
 Dress it up or down to events and parties

 To running errand wearing your favorite flats.

I'm giving it a stamp of approval. Are you with me?
Faux leather leggings, YRYS P299



  1. Excellent information! Very helpful post thanks for the info. I will add in my list & i am also suggest to my friends to read your post.

    1. Thanks Sanjo Je, yoou have a lovely Friday!