August 25, 2011

What to Wear if….your a Wedding Guest

          June has been the favorite month for weddings, but more couples opt to get hitched in December. In fact a friend of mine, (Hi Chayne!) and an officemate is tying the knot by the end of the year.  I think the festive mood might be one of the reason or companies are generous when giving V-leaves during this time. So in light of the coming “wedding season” and to the all too familiar question of “what shall I wear to the wedding”, I have put together a blog on wedding attire. Yes, it’s exciting to be invited but knowing the difference between “formal”, “semi-formal” or “casual” can sometimes leave us wanting to RSVP regret. 

            Well ladies, read on to know a few guide.

Formal – take out your cocktail dresses, tea length (about 4 inches above the ankle) or full length dress. Jewelry should be the best that you own. Don’t wear a skintight gown if dancing is a part of the event.  I prefer to wear neutral or dark colors with minimal beading/sequins. Wear appropriate shoes and hair up is a must.

Semi-formal – usually the trickiest! Wear a short skirt (I don’t mean mini skirt!) something tasteful and flowy.  The dress does not have to be full length, but a length just about your knees is alright.  For footwear, no flats, sandals or ballet flats, only your best shoes, strappy sandals and glam pumps will do.

Casual – For day events, dresses and dress suits that fall below the knee, dressy tops with dress pants made of appropriate fabric will do. No denim. If its summer, choose a dress in floral print or don’t hesitate to go for bold colors such as yellow. A fun skirt with sleeveless or button –up shirt will also be appropriate. Hair worn down and loose is one casual wedding style, and remember your shoes can make or break your outfit, flirty heels, peep toe, sling back or sandals are ok.

Beach wedding – Beach means you have to walk on the sand and endure the elements during the ceremony. Choose a light color so you will be cool and comfortable. Fabric made of linen is an excellent choice, it can be formal looking yet very light weight. If its a summer beach wedding, find a light sundress for daytime (sleeveless or off-shoulder), or a long elegant dress that feels beachy for an evening.

        However tricky dressing for a wedding maybe, always keep in mind that the No.1 goal is not to upstage the bride. Hope this helps, have a good time and don't forget to catch the bouquet!

August 18, 2011

How do I walk in these?

       Every girl I know has a little of Carrie Bradshaw in them.  Name a girl who doesn't love shoes, and I’ll tell you why you’ll have difficulty finding one.  Girls basically love shoes so much, even if we have 20 pairs already in our shoe racks, we can never have enough.  Personally I prefer high heels over flats, because I lack in the height department, about 2-4 inches of lifts is what I go for, for me high heels make me feel (and look!) sexy.

          I know how painful they can be, but I just can’t resist a pretty pair of pumps when I see one.  Yes, even if they come in horrible 4 inches, I feel I should have them, or I have an outfit waiting for them in my closet. It’s pretty ridiculous but sometimes, if I don’t get them, I dream (literally!) of having them anyways.

          Fashion experts says high heels can make your legs slimmer, your stomach flatter and your femininity unstoppable, so how do I walk in them?

1.   1.    Choose carefully – try them on not only because you have to know they fit, but to try to know if they’re not wobbly. Try both pair and then raise one foot, if my knees stay straight, they I say they’re even. Make sure to do this on the other too.
2.  2.  Add Cushioning – there are cushions made in various shapes and materials (try Dr. Scholl’s, Kiwi or Burlington) You can stick them inside of your shoes for comfortable walking.
3.    3.  Walk like a Model – yes, try this! One of my colleagues once asks, “are you sashaying? “ . Here’s a good reason why, swaying your arms while walking helps you balance, plus it adds a graceful appearance.
4.   4.   Give your foot a break – sit down every 30mins. or so, don’t take them off, this will only allow them to worsen, they swell a bit if you do this, thus its harder to continue after.
5.   5.   Practice – start with 2 inches or wedge, and work your way to killer heels. Practice on carpet, stairs, & outside. You won’t get better if you don’t practice.

I believe every girls list of must-haves should include at least a pair of high heels, because they can transform a piece of clothing and adds a little something to an outfit. So, you ask again, how do I walk in my high heels? .... I say PROUDLY!  

Happy weekend everyone!!


August 08, 2011

Two easy hairstyles

     Big day for me. I'm also sorry for not writing last week but here's what inspired me last week.
     I've always had long hair ever since grade school. I guess having long hair makes me feel really girly and feminine. Yes at one point I decided to try the super short style, thats like for a year. I tried it out only because somebody told me, one has to try a really short hairstyle because this style will determine if one is really beautiful.  Hey I'm not saying I am, You judge ( I'll be posting a pic of me sporting that style, for your reference).
     My hair's natural color is black, but I would like to color it light shade of brown, so that my face don't look pale.  I feel I look ghostly if I have really black hair, so I dye them every six months.  This week I've been watching some hair tutorials, and i found some really easy hairstyles for everyday wear. I decide to try it on me, and share it to you.     
      Here's what I did, two simple hairstyles for a romantic date or a day at the beach.

1. Side poinytail
I backcombed my hair to the side to add volume,
curl the ends, and secured it with an elastic band at the side.

2.  Sideknot with Ponytail

After doing No. 1, I simply part the  hair at the nape before
  elastic band and loop the ponytail in the hole (parted hair) twice,
and you'll come up with this!

       It was very easy! I enjoyed posing cuz I really feel girly. And guys if all else fails you can always wear your hair down, with curls. ........have fun!!