April 26, 2012

Parisian Macaroon Mademoiselles?

Inspired by these tasty looking parisian macaroons*, I’m more drawn nowadays into getting as much pastel colored outfit, nail shades and accessories into my wardrobe essentials. Pretty pastel hues popped out all over the stores since the beginning of the year, and I was a bit antsy at first about following this trend, but they’re everywhere! – clothes, accessories, make-up, their prettiness is taking over. From lavender, mint green, candy pink, saturated coral, sky blue and lemon yellow, what’s not to love about these feminine color palette?  I know a lot you are girly girl too like me, so let’s not be afraid to wear them.  

Pastels can be a little tricky to wear so here are a few notes from fashion stylists:
  1. Pair pastels with white and ivory (Neutral Colors)– grey is better than black. A timeless combination is pale grey and light lavender.
  2. Skip the pearls, you don’t want to look like your fairy god-mother, opt for chic modern jewelry.
  3. Avoid any ruched or ruffled pieces as they might appear a bit juvenile or prom-like.
  4. Size up - pale shades are very unflattering when worn tight, choose a next size up and wear slightly looser..
As always I’m putting inspiration looks for all you ladies out there.

Would you wear pastels? I might be breaking a lot of diet rules here but while on your way getting a new outfit you might as well try some french macaroons. 

*Like a sandwich cookie gone to finishing school, the macaroon is a delicately refined meringue-based confection made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, and filled with ganache, buttercream, caramel, or fruit jam. A thin, crisp shell yields to a slightly chewy, airy interior, then a lush complementary filling.(about.com) They are available at Parvati, Bizu & French Baker.

Happy weekend everyone and bring on the soft romantic airy colors!



April 20, 2012

The Basic White-Tee

Happy Friday everyone, last week I strongly suggested that you get a basic white-T asap!, and just as I already mentioned this piece is never out of style and of course goes with almost anything in your closet. Sadly most of us think that a basic white T-shirt is just for a weekend fall back. Truth is your white tee maybe the most neglected item in your closet with the most potential for outfit versatility.  Well ladies read on to know how to make this basic into an all-occasion go-to item in just a few simple ways.

Add a Jacket
The easiest to spruce up a t-shirt is to add a structured jacket(pastel colored for summer!) or a cardigan and skip the hoodies. Small details such as rings,  bangles, necklace and high heels all add up to make you look and feel instant glamour.

Pair it with a skirt

Tuck it in with a pastel colored skirt for a cute outfit. (My vacation look!) Since circle and maxi skirts are almost everywhere nowadays, it’s easy to get one and they are slightly high waisted – its dressy but not over to go out on a date  and its not that fancy to compromise comfort. A wedge will go well with these too!

Wear it with a Scarf

For a more laid back look add a colorful scarf and let it hold the spotlight.


Brightly colored necklaces with funky geometric shapes add a touch of girly flair. Grab some chunky jewelry! Bib necklaces, big rings, cuffs and stacks of bangles to dress it up

Black Short and Red High Heels

Need I say more?  Check out my inspiration.

I can still go on and on about how to style them, definitely a white T-shirt is a necessity, no ifs no buts. It’s   one of the best ways to dress up comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Happy weekend ladies and don't forget to rock your basics!


April 10, 2012

Vacation look update

      Fresh from my five, work free day, im so excited to tip you with five summer trend that I have been seeing and sporting a lot lately. Though most of you already had your vacations, I am sure that because its only half way till we reach June, you’d still be going out on out of towns, beaches and summer activities with friends and family.  So these easy to find and budget friendly dos will surely update your vacation looks so that you could be as summer looking as the weather suggest. 

The basic white T – who doesn’t have one in their closet? Weather you prefer round or V neck, I strongly suggest that you should get one right now. A casual white T never goes out of style. Pair it with a cut off denim shorts, the one that shows a little bit of the pocket from the inside. 

Pastels – its time to trade those dark nail polish we have and get new hues, this time try pastel colors. I been seeing a lot of ‘tasty’ looking sky blue, peach-orange , lemon yellow, sea foam green and much more but personally I  prefer these two shades.

Hydrate – there is nothing cool and chic with chapped lips. Any lipstick shade look good with a well hydrated lips, to do this, I always primp my  lips with lip balm, my trusted brand is ChapSticks, but I been recently enjoying this Maybelline Baby lips, both are P70++ but not over a P100.

Arm Candy – stack your arms with colorful bangles, they instantly bring life and color to any outfit that you have on. Landmark has a lot of choices, prices ranges from P75 – P250 per set.

Pleats – I’ve tried this look late last year, but I wanted to carry it on til the summer time.  I was brave enough to pull this tangerine pleated skirt from the rack. I know this would look good when I pair it with a white t-shirt.  What do you think?

I wish you (had) an excellent work break and an unforgettable summer holiday!