September 24, 2015

Tea Buddy: Unique and cute tea infusers

Thank God it’s Friday, typically if it’s the weekend we share some unforgettable and favourite finds on forums and apps. Today I’m going to reveal Instagram worthy tea infusers that I found.  A week before I started my three weeks tea detox, I went on a mall and cyber hunting shopping to get myself a tea infuser. The detox tea which I used was a loose leaf one so I really need something to use to help me achieve flatter tummy in 3 weeks! Among the ones I saw, here are my favourites:

Ouch! but he is cute, $25 at Takashimaya Dept Store

Mr. Tea from gvdeal $5
Heart Shape Infuser, $8 online via dolphinz

Tea Sub, $10

Umbrella, $9
Duckie, $10
For cat lovers!

Pug in Mug

Swinging girl tea infuser

This one is healthy!

Ikea, 2 for $3

Strong brew tea infuser
Lemon Tea Infuser, $3.90 from gingerbud, there is one in
strawberry shape too!

Tea shirt

Too bad I can’t get all of them, but just in case you know somebody who is a tea lover, I suggest you might want to get one of these for them, especially now that the Holidays are near!

Happy Friday loves!