November 05, 2016

Diving in to the one piece swimsuit trend

It's not summer I know but who can resist to go on a vacation for a quick city getaway. Destination - a spa resort, and we want to be dressed location appropriate so this means wearing a swimwear.  I'll admit, I'm a bit (more) anxious now to wear bathing suit, after moving to a new country, a part of adjusting and coping means stress eating, thus the weight gain. But this trip has given me a good reason to find the right bathing suit that is comfortable to wear and make me look great too. That being said, so thankful for the revival of the one piece bathing suits. A few years back perceived as the "mom/ old lady swimwear" is now the hottest style on beachwear. Get to know what I pick, and my other one piece swimwear suggestions and where to get them below.  

Black Crochet Open Back Monokini Swimsuit from Maykool @ $24.99 , it also comes in white.

Also from Maykool, green strapless one piece
for $21.99

Blue lace up one piece also for $21.99
Strapless, printed, color blocked or graphic styled – one piece swimwear doesn’t longer mean you’re a serious swimmer or body conscious, there are many styles out there which you can choose that will remind you that maybe 2 piece ones aren't always the best pick.


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