November 10, 2015

Love your face - try some facemask!

Maybe lots of you are not really a big fan of facemask, but believe me, if you are  one that doesnt have the time and extra bucks to go to a spa, you definetly should be trying this, its Korea's  No. 1 Hydrogel Mask Brand and its finally available now in Singapore. Faith in Face is a hydrogel mask that contains a high percentage of water soluble ingredients to deliver maximal hydration and superior rejuvenation.  It also have a gentle formula so its suitable for all, it cools the skin, thanks to  beta-glucans which also rejuvenates stressed out skin. If you love watching all those Korean series,for sure you will begin to wonder how to achieve a more luscious looking skin - try some Faith in Face Facemask.

Available in  five variants:

1. After shower look hydrogel mask- intense hydration and moisture retention capabilities

2. Black and white film star - anti- ageing effect that improves and lightens skin tone

3. Nourish Me- provides the ultimate nourishment - to protect, maintain and strengthen your  skin to prevent damage

4. Invisible Pore - effectively minimize pores 

5. Hold me tight - restores moisture level to restore elasticity and bounce

  Exclusively available at Watsons
 for $14.50 for box of 3 sheets

The mask is split into two: bottom and  top part of the face. Its not a regular microfiber nor cotton sheet, its a Hydrogel mask so its flimsy, it holds more serum compared to other face mask. To apply, place the mask onto your face using the smooth side and then peel off the other plastic sheet. Allow 10 - 20 minutes before taking it off.  I suggest putting it in your fridge before using, it makes it more colder, I believe it becomes more effective too.

To find out more, visit their website @ - dont forget to like! 

Happy pampering ladies and enjoy the rest of the week.



My roomie and I tried it, good way to bond and relax
during the weekend - verdict? we plan to get one again on the weekend!

October 24, 2015

Product Spotlight: Esemtan Wash Lotion & Skin Balm

So ok, it’s a hand wash and lotion.  You put it on your sink and use it.  The lovely thing about these though is that it is universally usable - for the whole body, face and hair (yes hair!), for all skin types.  It is also pH neutral, soap free, suitable for sensitive and stressed skin.  I personally like to call it my all- in-one wash in my bathroom sink. It features a balanced combination of fragrance and a gentle lather, this soap less wash is effective in removing dirt and oil from skin.  Esemtan wash lotion offers a complete washing experience that is universally usable from head to toe. Other benefits are:
  • Gentle wash even in cases of dry or hypersensitivity to soap
  • Mild fragrance
  • Protects the skin against irritation and supports the skin’s natural moisture
  •  Universally usable on Hair, Face and Body
  • For all skin types, including babies and elderly
After washing might as well apply some lotion, because our skin absorbs faster after washing. Esemtan also have their Skin Balm which is good for the skin,with its mildly fragrant and rapidly absorbed moisturizing cream for hand and body care. Truly a one stop solution to user from normal, to dry & sensitive skin. 

Hand washing: Approx. 2-3ml Esemtan wash lotion to one palm,
froth it by adding some water. Wash thoroughly, rinse & dry.
Wash Lotion Retail Price: $19.75/500ml, $35.30/1L
Skin Balm Retail Price: $20/500ml

For all you ladies who have sensitive skin and are bored of your fragrance free soap – this is your perfect go to product! Esemtan Wash Lotion and Skin Balm comes with mild fragrance that helps to bring smile to your daily wash and moisturizing routine. Recommended to use daily, morning and evening after each wash.

Both products available at Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Independent pharmacy (Pink beauty, Beauty essential), NHG

Stay happy and refreshed ladies, enjoy the weekend!


September 24, 2015

Tea Buddy: Unique and cute tea infusers

Thank God it’s Friday, typically if it’s the weekend we share some unforgettable and favourite finds on forums and apps. Today I’m going to reveal Instagram worthy tea infusers that I found.  A week before I started my three weeks tea detox, I went on a mall and cyber hunting shopping to get myself a tea infuser. The detox tea which I used was a loose leaf one so I really need something to use to help me achieve flatter tummy in 3 weeks! Among the ones I saw, here are my favourites:

Ouch! but he is cute, $25 at Takashimaya Dept Store

Mr. Tea from gvdeal $5
Heart Shape Infuser, $8 online via dolphinz

Tea Sub, $10

Umbrella, $9
Duckie, $10
For cat lovers!

Pug in Mug

Swinging girl tea infuser

This one is healthy!

Ikea, 2 for $3

Strong brew tea infuser
Lemon Tea Infuser, $3.90 from gingerbud, there is one in
strawberry shape too!

Tea shirt

Too bad I can’t get all of them, but just in case you know somebody who is a tea lover, I suggest you might want to get one of these for them, especially now that the Holidays are near!

Happy Friday loves!


August 21, 2015

My two weekends in Photos

I miss putting up an outfit and sale finds here on the blog, blame it on the very busy work week, including Saturday, I don’t have that much time to write and take photos.  But thankfully, the work shift has now allowed me to be free every weekend. I already enjoyed my 3 work free weekends, and now I am ready again to commit on posting great finds, and sharing my inspirations to keep everything chic and lovely!

Ladies, let me share my past 2 weekends in photos, I get to wear the other floral romper which I purchased some time ago, (click here for the link), get a new hat, just because …… I know it’s not a typical outfit accessory but a good floppy hat really helps especially when you are walking around on a sunny day.  Aside from getting it for only $5, yes believe it! , the color really helps up to brighten your OOTD.  So without further ado, here are my off days summary in photos!

This maroon Floppy Brim Hat completes my OOTD, I got it online for $5 only.                                                         

My hat and these colored stone walls.
Walk with me to Sentosa

How did I manage to balance and still strike a pose? I can coz
I'm at the Trick Eye Museum

How can I not share this with you? Pretty girls enjoying
posing too!

Enjoyed the day with these ladies.
Of course there is no better way to end up a day
than to get a blueberry ice cream. 


July 17, 2015

Skin 911: Palmer's White and Even CBB Cream & Dark Spot Corrector

Cheers to the long weekend and hello lovelies!  So much stuff has been going on nowadays, that’s why a long hiatus again from the blog, (a weeklong vacation to the Philippines, and moving to a different apartment) with all these crazy but sweet busyness including the constant change of weather, I think my skin needs a 911.  

A have a couple of breakouts that has left some dark spots on my skin.  To help me out on these dilemma, I tried Palmer's White and Even Range:

  • Palmer’s White & Even CBB Cream – it’s a cream that has a multifunctional formula that targets discoloration and spot while providing natural pigment-perfecting coverage and SPF 15 protection, helping to prevent darkening from recurring.
  • Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector – this formula delivers a concentrated dose of advanced ingredients to target discoloration such as age spots, dark spots, post acne scars and sun damage, to even skin tone.

 There are a lot of causes that leads to discoloration of the skin – to much exposure to the sun which becomes worse with age, acne scarring (my case!) severe dryness, pregnancy, birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.  My breakouts caused some dark spots on my cheeks, so now I’m using the Palmer's White & Even CBB Cream as base before I put on make-up, it offers just about the right coverage, its very light and smells good too! At night after cleansing my skin, I apply the Palmer’s White and Even Dark Spot Corrector, oh I love the white lily fragrance, over a week’s use, I noticed that the spots has become a bit lighter.

Its available at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little, Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, all leading pharmacies, departmental and cosmetics stores.

I’m sure you’ve been to lots of vacation which entails long exposure to the sun, so give your skin some 911 and try some of these Palmer's White and Eventone perfecting range. Its offers unique skin gone correcting formula, potent but gentle ingredients that helps reduce hyper-pigmentation, free of parabens, sulphates, synthetic dyes and fragrance.

Love your skin ladies and happy weekend!


P.S. – a link to Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector TVC:

May 27, 2015

Stretch Marks Away!

But I’m not pregnant, and have them! Ladies do any of you worry about stretch marks? I do! It’s humiliating to admit but I have those ugly lines at the side of my hips and inner thigh, ugh! It’s common that stretch marks is a side effect of pregnancy, but non-pregnant women and men also get them regularly. But do these lines ever go away?

Well there’s this new product from Palmer’s, The Palmer’s Stretch Mark Spray Lotion  that is specially designed to help us get rid of those ugly marks. You can soothe itchy, stretching skin with pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Soy Lechithin and Bio C-Elaste.  Bio C-Elaste is a powerful combination of Centella Asiatica, Collagen, Elastin, Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil that absorbs quickly into skin while providing 24 hour stretch mark fighting moisture.

Here’s a few info about The Palmer’s Stretch Mark Spray Lotion ingredients:
Available @ Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, BHG,
 Robinsons,  John Little and leading cosmetic stores
and its retail price S$29.90/200g
  • Cocoa Butter: provides superior soothing properties and helps skin retain its natural moisture
  • Vitamin E: a natural antioxidant, works with the body's own cells to protect it from the harsh elements that cause rough, dry skin
  • Collagen & Elastin: improves skin elasticity, stretchability and firmness and leads to improvement in overall skin tone, suppleness and appearance
  • Centella Asiatica: a natural leaf extract, helps protect and revitalize collagen and elastin fibers. Widely recommended as an ideal ingredient for stretch marks care
  • Sweet Almond Oil: a non-greasy, super moisturizing emollient easily absorbed into the skin. Its antimicrobial properties help reduce the chances of scarring and markings on skin
  • Argan Oil: has twice as much Vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in essential fatty acids and vital antioxidants. Helps soften and condition skin while reducing scarring

This convenient spray targets hard to reach stretch mark prone areas, provides deep moisture, soothes dry itchy skin and supports skin elasticity in a non-greasy, easy spray application.  It may not completely erase your stretch marks but it will greatly reduce and prevents the appearance of new stretch marks.

Spray away ladies, happy Wednesday!



P.S. – Here's a link to Palmer’s Stretch Mark Spray Lotion TVC.

1. Palmer's - The Superfood for your Skin

2.  6 Things You Need to Know About Stretch Marks

A quick  share on Palmer's brand story! 

Founded in America more than 170 years ago in 1842, Palmer’s has become one of the world’s leading names in skincare, a brand that women around the world have grown up with. Their unique heritage and commitment to quality has stood the test of time. Generations of families have loved the fantastic moisturizing qualities of Palmer’s skincare range, and millions of women around the world agree – Palmer’s can be found in bathroom cabinets in the homes of families in more than 80 countries, making it one of the popular skincare brand. Their #1 formula, Cocoa Butter Formula, is one of Palmer’s key offering in its wide range of skincare. Today, Palmer’s is still committed to creating affordable products that really do work, growing to provide a Palmer’s product for every skincare need : hand and body care, facial care, stretch mark care, hair care, body care and personal care. Using nature’s richest, most luxurious ingredients, Palmer’s key ingredients include Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palmer’s has created a Palmer’s product for every skincare need. Palmer’s is against animal testing and all of the products are cruelty free. Majority of Palmer’s products are free of parabens, phthalates and sulphates.

May 17, 2015

Floral State of Mind

Yay to May! In honor of the yearly celebrations in the Philippines – the Flores de Mayo (Spanish for "Flowers of May") and because we love floral print outfits for our summer ensembles, I’m sharing to you this sweet deals I got on my weekly hunting mall trips.

I rarely get clothes that are printed, let alone floral ones but this flirty wrap play suit that I came across last weekend was really hard not to get.  I absolutely love the cut and style of the jumpsuits – so why not get three! It was originally price at S$29 but was marked down at S$10 each!  Sweet deal right?

Romper 1 - Can be worn with flats or heels,
this playsuit has a distinctive frilled hemline.
Cotton On
Romper 2 -  Playsuit has a button down front and gathered waist,
Style with heels to take your look from day to night
Cotton On
Romper 3 - I have to get one in white!
Cotton On
I rolled up the sleeve coz it was hot outside, and sorry I could only model one
romper - no photographer =(
And ladies here are some inspirations I get from the web, similar to these playsuits I purchased!
    Reverse Floral Print V-Neck Long Sleeve Romper
by: Pacsun

       Suri Romper by : Urban Outfitters

                   Jumpsuit with Fringe by: H&M

Put a tailored blazer like Kourtney Kardashian
for a more stylish look.
Smile ladies and stay chic!


April 09, 2015

Beach Bling: Metallic Tattoos

Summer is really here, and I bet you've just been on a swimming trip last holiday. It’s been really a while since I've been to the beach so last Easter Sunday together with friends we hit the beach.  The long hour drive and the fear of leaving something behind whenever on a vacation (wink …becoming forgetful), I do not bring gold or precious jewelry on trips. Have the same fear as mine? If you have, this latest trend is really a must have for your future getaway, concert or party event that you're planning to go to.  Ladies have you tried Metallic tattoos?

They're so cute, no need to worry
 about missing a piece of jewelry when
on vacation!

Oh hi Bey!

Metallic tattoos are very pretty and chic, they can be worn by itself or match it with your other fashion accessories, and they really look adorable.  They can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, ring, anklet and just anywhere! Tattoos are not just for kids anymore, I’ve seen them a lot on TV, magazines, celebrities, fashion bloggers and models. They are pretty easy to put on, just make sure you skin is free from oil or creams, remove the clear cover and position the design carefully, press with wet cloth to transfer and let design set. It can last up to a week.

You can order them online or  purchase it from your favorite accessory shops.
VS Model Alessandra Ambrosio

 Get those gold, silver and black inks on, gorgeous!