November 21, 2011

This season make it right: Catlike eye-makeup

  Hi ladies, exciting mid-week! I can really feel the holiday spirit with all the party and event invites I have, so this means, outfit, outfit, outfit! So for the coming days ill be posting more tutorials, tips and “get-the look”, to get you thru all the holidays’ events. To kick-off , “ This season’s make it right” , I’m going to share to you an eye make-up that will make your eyes pop.

     A cat-eye is an exotic eyeliner option that adds interest and intrigue to your face. We’ve been seeing it on celebrities and red carpets events everywhere for the past couple of months. For some, this look maybe intimidating, but don’t worry I’ll make it as easy as possible for you.

Here’s how:
  •       Apply a thin line with liquid eyeliner along your upper lid, you can always build up to the preferred thickness. The line depends on how fierce you want to look, the thicker the fiercer!
  •  Extend a small flick at the end of the lash line pointing up towards the end of the brow line.
  •    As if you’re drawing a triangle, connect the end of the flick to the eyeliner.  Make sure that the line connects smoothly to the existing line you already created. 
  •                Now fill in the space. 

     I know this sounds lame, but practice makes purr- fect, and once you mastered the rules in application, feel free to experiment with various shades. Here are celebrities who also love this look.

 .....and ladies best of all, this makeup style is adaptable to all sorts of scenes, be at the office, to the concert, a dinner party, or a night-out with the girls.  Have fun!


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