August 28, 2014

Scented Tips

The week ends again, and this is also the last Friday for the month, how time flies! Very soon it’s going to be the BER month, so to welcome the festive mood, I’d like to share and I’m sure you’ll love to try these scented nail polish. We ladies like to smell great from head to toe, so this is our chance, cuz I know I few (ehem boyfriends) who does not like the smell of newly painted nails.

Ladies I’m sure you’re excited to try Revlon’s Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish Collection

The Revlon Parfumerie™ Nail Enamel Collection reveals a light and enticing fragrance when dry, for a whole new way to experience colour.
September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, in honor of losing my Mom to cancer,  I'm going to try to wear pink or pink nails next month, to express that I really miss her so much.

If you have girlfriend who is nail polish addict, I have one who collects and do her own nails weekly, this is a nice gift for a coming birthday or say Christmas present/Exchange gift. Revlon is more affordable, but if your willing to spend more or plan giving it to a very special friend you'll like to get the Christian Dior version for her.  

Enjoy the weekend loves!



August 21, 2014

Weekender: Hydrating Fun with Bio-Essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask

Hello ladies, time for some skincare TLC! I’ve been trying out Bio-essence’s Hydra Tri- Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask for a week now. I’ve been enjoying applying it before I get my zzzz at night. 

Here’s the lowdown about the product:

Bio-essence’s Hydra Tri- Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask is made with Bio- Aqua Crystal Technology, it’s a technology that forms a protective shield over the hydrating ingredient to prevent moisture loss before application.  Upon application, this shield breaks away and big aqua droplet are formed. This ensures our skin gets hydrated with the freshest and most optimal amount of hydrating activity.  It’s called Tri-action because it has 3x Hydration system, Hydrate, Nourish and Protect :

  • Power Nano Hyalunoric Acid - its 15-25 nano molecular size so it absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, making skin instantly hydrated and moisturized.
  • Hyalunoric Acid – forms a large water-locked network to effectively lock in moisture. keeping the skin moist and soft.
  • Cranberry Extract – a great moisturizer and aids in moisture retention, improving skin elasticity and suppleness. Also rich with anti-oxidant which protect skin from harmful free radicals and UV damage.

Bio-essence’s Hydra Tri- Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask can be used as daily moisturizer or a sleeping mask. What’s best is that it is suitable for all skin types.

Its very cool when you apply it on your face, its also non sticky that's why is really nice to apply it as a moisturizer at night.

Easy to apply: Just massage gently till aqua droplets form, gently pat till fully absorb.

Ladies there will be a street sampling on the 6th Sept 2014 from 2pm - 6pm outside Mandarin Gallery. You can get freebies and big discounts.  For those who can't come, interested to win a free sample? Here's the  step on how to win your free Hydra Tri-Action set.

1. Log on to your Facebook Account
3. Like my shout out " I want to be a Sleeping beauty".

It’s really important for us to be taking care of our skin, specially to keep it moisturize, remember our skin performs numerous kinds of function and if its damaged it spoils the way you look.  


August 07, 2014

Weekender: Updating your wardrobe with Bows

Hi Loves!

It’s the weekend again, finally! and you’ll probably  go out with friends for a night out, a movie date with a boyfriend – Step Up All In is in theatres this weekend!, or least, just stay-in, clean your apartment and do something to spruce up some of that wardrobe.  In cases where I choose to just stay in for the weekend, I always keep myself busy either rearranging the furniture or planning how to wear clothes that I already have but in a different way to make them look new and updated. This weekend since I choose to stay at home, relax, watch a reality TV show, (huge fan of reality TV , KUWTK)., I’m thinking of using  BOWS to give a touch of cuteness to my outfit for the coming week.

Who doesn’t love Bows? They are very cute and playful, it adds a feminine accent to a variety of clothes and accessories. Here’s what I’m thinking

Bows in Hair - I like to try these two styles, they  are simple and yet sophisticatedly  placed in the hair.

Seen on the Balenciaga Spring runway 

Blogger Alexa Chung

Bows as an accessory  - Bow necklace, earrings and ring are very delicate looking

Bows in footwear - I love them on flats!

Found them on:
Found on:

Kate Spade Sandals

                          Bow in your top - I really like this Bow DIY idea, maybe I'll try this next friday!

You can instantly change the look of you top by just adding
color coordinated bow on each side at the end of the strap of your top
Found on:
If you love scarfs, this ones for you, just add a ribbon to your scarf.
Via: Catherine Broom

   Have a happy weekend ladies, and don't forget to put a bow on it!


August 03, 2014

Weekender: My $5 challenge

Its Friday once again ladies, and I am psyche about this coming weekend, I’ll be sleeping over at my friend’s house and we will do some cooking, but you know what excites me the most? It’s about having that girl time, we are all grown up women, but you know, we still enjoy dressing up each other once we are together in one room.  So ladies, I’m ready to brag, yes, my $5sgd finds this week.

It’s funny how I can still inject my weekly mall trips to my very busy week, hey I feel I will get sick if I don’t visit the mall even once in a week, I’m sure you can all relate girls, whether we are not buying anything , it’s always nice to browse and window shop right? My trips to the mall was worth it this week, I get to stumble upon this two uniquely styled top for $5 per piece.

The view deserves a much bigger space, it was a little hot,  this green blouse
was so airy and comfortable, Green Blouse only $5!

This white blouse has T-shaped cut (only $5)in the front, to make it look fashionable and not fall flat
 I paired it with a yellow printed skirt and red heels

I hope you’ll find something fab also this week! Kisses to all of you ladies!