June 27, 2016

Chic Home: Why you need flowers at home

Photo Credit: Elle Decor
Friday florals has been a staple to my Instagram lately, and yes it has nothing to do with fashion or budgeting but I believe it does something good for your mood, inspiration and you’re mind-set for the day. Having your home tidied up is one thing, but having flowers around in your home helps you in several ways you might not have thought about. There are a lot of flower types to choose from and a lot of colors too, so you have the liberty of coordinating it to your home décor just in case you decide to get some. But first here are the reasons why you should consider picking up a few on your next market visit this weekend.

Instgram photo: wlyder11

Mood and Inspiration – generally girls feel instant happiness and change of mood every time they receive a bouquet of flower. It goes the same way too, weather you get it by yourself, picking up some fragrant, fresh and beautiful florals boost your mood. Having them around your home gives a fresh look and feel good living space.

Memories – we associate certain flowers to special events in our lives, wedding, our childhood, welcoming a child, birthdays, anniversaries and special dates. These set of lovelies takes us back to a happy place in our lives.

Creativity – studies says fresh flowers stimulates creativity and promotes better concentration. Hmmm, no wonder most office spaces have them. Have a vase of flowers on your work desk at home or your side table, it can help you or your child’s creativity and growing imagination.

Warm and welcoming  – when you have guest coming over, you usually add flowers on the table, because aside from adding up to your table décor it represents you want them to feel cosy and welcomed. Why not get it for yourself and your love ones too, not only for visitors.

I must admit, I was not a big fan of having florals around the house back then. But when you have a place of your own and the liberty to style your own space, that’s when you realize these simple details are also important. It goes beyond having an instagramable space, it reflects your attitude towards cleanliness, organization and having that positive outlook that you need in your everyday life.

Would love to see what type and color you’ll get for your home, be free to share your pics.

Instagram photo: wlyder11
Instagram photo: wlyder11

FB photo: primp&style
Instagram photo: wlyder11

June 19, 2016

Outfit on Repeat

I’m a repeat offender – opps! Nothing really law breaking but I am that type who repeats outfits especially if the clothes flatter my body, get lots of compliments and just because sometimes I just really really love them. I remember being called out one time (an ex-boyfriend) by wearing a piece of clothing so much, I was offered to go shopping. It’s a bit offensive but having it said by somebody who is close to me ….. I took it as an opportunity – hello shopping! Sharing this personal experience, I‘m now more sparked to write down the dos & don’ts of wearing your favorite outfits.

Its OK to repeat an outfit, just remember:

Skirt by VGY
Grace period – establish a timeline, give it a couple of weeks before you wear the same piece of clothes again, or at least wait for the laundry day.

Change accessories – one thing you could do if you can’t help but showing off your new find is by selecting a piece of accessory that pops, this way it redirects the attention to the accessory and not the clothes, making it unnoticeable that it’s on repeat.

Same occasions – never repeat an outfit with the same kind of occasion, example the same dress cannot be worn on another wedding, this can resonate to style laziness. Alter it by investing on a new piece that can be paired or dressed down on another occasions.

Be creative – sometime by just rolling up the sleeves, popping up the collar, and unbuttoning a few buttons will create a new look for the outfit – let your creative style come out!

Basics – if it’s a basic then its OK, there are so many ways to make a basic look different. Basic pieces are not the ones that will stand out but the printed ones or the statement pieces are the things that will stick to the memories of your friends. 

Ladies these a just a few suggestions, but the most important one is to have fun when dressing up. If you’re a shopaholic then this isn’t a dilemma, if not relax, you don’t need to spend much on clothes, what is important is the way you carry your clothes and your personality!


Light pastel colored top @ $10,Bugis, paired it with silver
accessories, and flat beige sandals

Simple pouch, H&M 

White wedge, Charles & Keith, Black Bag
by H&M

June 07, 2016

Eating Etiquette: How to eat tricky fruits and vegetables

June means weddings, bachelorette and summer parties, and who is not excited? Most of the worry would probably be about what to wear if you’re a wedding guest (don’t fret! my suggestions here), and the least would be about consuming tricky fruits and vegetables when eating out with ten other unknown guest at a common table. For most of us, hello me about 7 years ago, I would normally observe first before diving in, about 2 or 3 awkward minutes of pretending to be looking at my phone or somewhere. Yikes! Today let’s navigate how to eat tricky fruits and vegetable and come prepared for your next dining occasion.  


Banana – if you don’t want to be seen eating banana the primal way, hold, peel and bite there is always the option of using a fork.  Peel it fully and use a fork to cut into bite size pieces.

Melon and Watermelon – most of these fruits are already served pre-cut bite size pieces, but if it isn’t and you can’t resist, fruits with rind can be eaten by sliding the knife under the flesh, and sectioning it into pieces and eaten with a fork.

Do not pick it individually, use your fingers or ask for a scissor to cut a bunch.

Grapefruit & Orange – I would like to eat grapefruit especially after coffee during breakfast, do you know that it's considered a fat-burning food that can kick-start your metabolism? It will take forever to peel them since the rind is very hard, cut it into half and eat with a pointed spoon, but do not attempt to squeeze out the juice. For oranges, its best when peeled by knife in spiral and eaten by sections.

Lemon – often cut into wedges and served as garnish. It is polite to cup your hand around the lemon while squeezing so you don't spray those around you, and squeeze the lemon low over your plate, not up high.


Peas – to avoid the peas from rolling out of your plate, use the back of the fork to squash it or use the aid of other dish, like mashed potato before scooping it with your fork. Spearing a couple is also recommended.

Corn – messy but delectable finger food. Do not butter the entire corn, season it or butter by sections. Hold the ends by hand and eat by rows, do this as neatly as possible without making loud sounds.

Salad leaves – sometimes the leaves are too large and if we shove it in our mouth we end up smearing our cheeks with the dressing. I usually go for the fork and knife. I use the knife to fold the greens over the fork before spearing some other topping of the salad.

Sometimes how we eat particular food in our home isn’t just right in public, better be reminded than be unrespectful and be perceived as no manners by others.  If confronted by unfamiliar food, it’s always OK to ask a friend/host or take the cue from other diners.

Whatever party your attending this week, have fun and stay sober!


Famous for its Hot Choco, and where Coco Chanel and
 Audrey Hepburn used to have tea in Paris, so lucky
to have at least try it.

At luxury lifestyle mall Capitol Piazza City Hall,
the home of the famous Angelina