August 28, 2013

Dare to try - Caviar Nail Polish

Hi sweeties, I missed you all! I have been away for a while, because sometimes life gets tough, we have to go through a lot of stuffs, but thru it all, we just have to remember Women (in our position) must make the best of their circumstances” 

That  being said, whatever it is that may be bothering us, or troubling us, we just have to carry thru.  Ladies I dare you to try something different, it’s cute, colorful, playful and of course chic!

Have you heard of Caviar Nailpolish? They have been a fad for sometime now, Ciate first introduce this style early last year. How does this work?

  • After your mani, choose a nailpolish base, in my case I chose nude. Apply generously, about two coats.
  • Sprinkle your newly applied nail with your microbeads (caviar) until it’s fully covered.  Fun part, but I recommend you to ask your boyfriend or friend to do this for you. Ciate kit includes a tiny funnel.
  •  Press the beads gently to your nails. Repeat with other nails, be sure to wait 5-10 minutes to dry fully.
  • Apply top coat, to secure the beads!

It’s a little bit tricky and requires a lot of patience, but in the end, looking at your hot new nails is all worth it.  Nail Caviar is a great effect for a night out, party girl alert!  Would you dare to try ladies?

Fantastic Friday loves!


April 24, 2013

My beach must haves

Hi ladies, I know it been a long while, I have tons of finds for the past two months (long hiatus but that didn’t stop me from finding stuffs and I will share them here soon), I know we are half way thru our summer and I just cannot let this season pass without sharing to you my 2013 beach must haves. I have been on a weekend vacation thrice - destination the beach of course!

Just can’t go to the beach without these:

Maxi dress - Have to get another one with a different color, you cannot have enough options.

Bathing Suit/Bikini -  hey ladies, y not?

Evian Facial Water Spray - It’s really too hot out there, I use this to keep my face cool, and to supply vital moisture to my face.

Banana Boat SPF 50 - I apply it 15mins before I go out and every after 30mins.

Organix Light Moroccan Argan Oil - My hair has recently ungone hair coloring & digital perm, so it needs a lot of protection.

Music Angel - its so handy and amazingly loud, instant party by the beach.

Enjoy the rest of the summer ladies!

January 26, 2013

Weekend Find: Phone Cases from ForeverFAB

What’s with me 24/7?  My phone, it’s definitely on my “I can’t live without list nowadays”, so to give my iPhone some loving, I have to dress it up and make it look chic too, (yes of course!).  I love iPhone cases, they give a statement, and when I was presented with gorgeous designs by ForeverFab, a shop that personalizes your phone's casing,  I nearly lost my mind. They have so many designs to choose from, check out my personal favorites:
Its my dream destination!

Just because I like sparkles in almost everything

Who wouldn't want her on their phone?

ForeverFab is owned by Ms. Margarita Zabala Paulsen, a young entrepreneur who dreams to become a designer someday, juggling between school, business and going after what she loves, this lady never misses too stay chic all the time,   she is currently studying at Fountain International School. Here are her personal favorites:

For other designs check out her site @

You may go with the cutesy, cartoonish, geeky or serious styles -  ladies it all up to you!


January 10, 2013

Holiday Sweet Deals

You know what’s best about the holidays? Of course it’s the party, the food, the spirit, and dressing up, but my favorite during this time of the year is of course the SALE! Yes ladies, if you missed out on big discounts last month (which I doubt), don’t fret you still have your chance to get some good deals until the weekend. All SM stores are extending their End of Season Sale until January 13, 2013, and yes I’ll still check items, who knows, maybe I can find  something for the coming summer, but for now let me share to you my Holiday Sweet Deals.

Skull addiction
  Can you guess how much is this? From P999, this skull printed pants was priced down to P199, lucky right?

A lot of my friends says this reversible ring is cool, well I think its awesome cuz I got it for P50 only!

I was drawn because of the  sparkles, never seen such a glamorous skull before, 50% off from a retailer friend. 

 Red Chunky Heels
I wore them on our Corporate Christmas Party, from P1500 to P699, not bad right?    

Party Dress
Good for a day or night event, this dress was priced P350 @ Landmark. 
Preplum Skirt
I'm still looking for a top that will match skirt, I hope before Valentines..... P150

I'm so happy with these purchases, happy weekend ladies & goodluck on your post holiday shopping!