January 29, 2016

Weekend Reminder: Housemate Rules to peacefully Co-exist

Hooray to Friday, it’s been awhile Ladies. I know this space is about sharing fab finds, sweet deals, and making everything else pretty, but today I am inserting Ladylike Laws to peacefully co-exist with your roommates/housemates. 

Sometimes having to live with an unfamiliar person can be very very tricky, and (ha ha) annoying, but Ladies that shouldn’t be the case. Dressing and looking good isn’t the only recipe to be fully truly beautiful but having that feeling of peace and calmness in your own house, makes a better you. Here are my 5 pointers to help you maintain the Zen in your home.

The D├ęcor – kitchen, living, dining and laundry areas are shared, your style might not be their style. Be considerate to consult before adding anything or making a drastic change.  These shared spaces design should be mutually agreed upon.

The Kitchen- Do your own dishes, that’s the most important. If the utensils and cookware are both for everybody’s use be attentive enough to make sure that it is clean, and no food residue will remain on them ( I personally have horror stories about this, Yikes!).  This creates the most resentment if one has to constantly clean and wash the dishes, follow the Last Touch Rule! The one who uses last should always be responsible to wash it.

The Food – if you want to share food, I think it’s also ok to split the cost evenly. Oversharing sometimes can lead to a misconception that your food is free. Let them know and ask politely, we don’t want money matters to be the cause of an argument. And oh remember people are happy to share but eating their treats … ask permission.

The Guest – always give your housemates a heads up if you have family, relatives and friends who are coming over. More importantly talk and discuss if the stay is for an extended period of time, not cool if you overlook this, the golden rule: be considerate.

Your Behaviour – admit that many of us girls are passive aggressive – to translate tendency to be bitchy. I have read and reposted this – To be a Lady, never let another’s rudeness, diminish your good manners.  Sort out the facts and calmly talk to your housemates to figure out a solution. Some people aren't confrontational but if we don't try this and just let the bitchiness go on, no peace will be achieved.  Keeping your composure while being thrown into a difficult situation is a lifelong skill that is essential.

They say its hard to find "the one", I agree I also have my fair share of my horror flatmate stories, but as you experience these unpleasant things you also get to learn something which can lead to you being the best roomie one can ask for.

Shout out to my flatmates, Carla and Faye who manages to still keep the zen in our now called home.  Enjoy the weekend loves, only pillow fights are allowed.