May 27, 2016

Guilty? Grossest Beauty Habits

Hello and Happy Friday Ladies! Two days ago I read an article on Cosmopolitan about the grossest beauty things every woman does and I would like to share some of them to you which I think most of us plead guilty to. I know this is not one of those articles that would help improve a skill or inspire but I believe it would raise awareness for us that the list below is unacceptable and we shouldn’t have to overlook and tolerate it as a habit.

1.  Popping Pimples – first on the list, and I plead guilty! I just couldn’t resist, especially if it becomes the center of attention in my face. I have to pop it, though my mom would insist that I leave it alone when I whine so much about it. In the end, regretting it because it leaves a wound in my face.

2. Not washing make up brushes as often – according to Elle we should do it every two weeks. A recipe for breakouts is not washing brushes and sponges, so if you wonder why you have breakouts, it might be because you haven’t washed your brushes that often.

3. Not throwing out mascara – admit it, some of your mascaras are two years old. To avoid getting eye infection experts says we need to toss it out every three months. Blah! I’m not that rich to change mascara every 3 months, I say 6 – 8 months will do, agree?

4.  Removing chipped manicures by yourself – when bored (petiks) in the office or just watching a not-so -interesting TV show I do this, leaving a pile of nailpolish pieces on the table, not very chic.

5.  Squeezing nose to do extractions – not a pretty sight if we are caught doing this, it also leave an evidence (a very red nose) when we do it.  If a see a bunch of nasty whiteheads on my nose I try to extract it using a tissue. I’m not a pore strip girl; I rely on my microdermabrasion set to remove these every week.

6. Plucking a hair using your finger nails – that’s why I carry a tweezer in my bag always, but sometimes when I look in the mirror and I see a misplaced eyebrow, I do this.

There are other habits on the Cosmo list, I just included the ones I’m guilty with. I know 6 out of 14 is not an ideal number, but I will try to be mindful of them and avoid it.  How about you do you plead also on the list above? Try to ditch these habits and enjoy the weekend loves!


May 02, 2016

Bra-blems solved!

Hello ladies and hope everyone is having a good rest beacuse of the long weekend. Today's post is very intimate, and Im sure most of you can relate to. I remember realizing that I've been wearing the wrong bra size since Miranda's scene on the famous HBO show Sex and the City.  (Scene uploaded by gejowka: link here)  Right after that, I did consult a salesperson and read a bit more about correct bra fittings. Indeed getting the right bra style,size and cup  felt more comfortable and I felt more free.

Below are some Bra-blems I'm sure you've experience, plus throwing in also some suggestions  on how to resolve them.

1. Slipping Straps - very annoying and not sexy (unless your inside the bedroom with the hubby) ... to avoid SS, make sure your bra is put on correctly, pull it   down at the back so its under your shoulder blades and even with the front. If your bra is too high on the back,  it might be causing the strap to fall off your shoulders. 

2. Back Band riding up - if this is happening to you, clearly you are wearing the wrong bra size. Get a correct fit, the one that will be snug and create a straight line across the back. If bra is too loose it will surely ride up, and front side will sag. It might also be a sign that your bra is old, and has stretch out, therefore it needs replacement.

3. Straps digging in - bra straps should'nt cause pain, it should not also be the one holding up your breast, it should be lifted by the band underneath and not lifted by the straps. Again it might help to consult a salesperson to get the correct bra size and kind. Feeling awkward having to measure it for you, check out Thirdlove app to get your correct bra size, all you need is five minutes, supportive bra, tank top and a wall mounted mirror. 

Below's a guide from Thirdlove for other bra problems and their solutions so won't never have to worry about these Brablems.

I hope sharing this helps ladies! When you decide to get a couple of new ones, please check out Thirdlove; they make really comfortable and cute bras! They have a wide collection called 24/7 which has that luxe feel and functionality. To get a 15% off  when you order, use the code: BRABLEMS"

Enjoy your labor day holiday Ladies!