February 07, 2017

Sexy Options - Lingerie gifting

I blinked and January was over.  Valentine's day is next week and I absolutely cannot let it pass without dropping hints on what to get your love ones (or me?) on Vday. Roses and chocolates are the safest bet, but admit at some point you have given or thought about giving a sexy pair of Lingerie.  For those who have already gifted Lingerie - thumbs up! But for some who still have second thoughts about getting that sexy pair, here are some of my insights that might finally convince you.

Giving Lingerie does not always mean it’s a suggestive gift, we appreciate it and here’s why:

1. I love to match my outfit and having said this, I would most of the time match my underwear too, they might not be a pair but they must be at least the same shade.

2. For me any occasions is a good reason to get a pair of lingerie.  People might not see it, but if you have a good pair 
on, it feels good also.

3. Because you will never know, any night could be the night! Kidding, but just in case, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be caught wearing your granny panties, right?

4. We love our PJs, but it’s always nice to slip on something a little more sexy that our regular pajamas.

5. For couples - it’s a gift for both of you - you bought something that you’ll enjoy seeing her in, get that perspective?

But before heading out to get one, please make sure to buy something you already know she prefers. Get the style she likes that makes her comfortable.  A comfortable woman is a confident woman and a confident woman is a sexy woman.  Check out ADOREME, they have a wide selection you can choose from, and here are a few that are most popular and personal favorites:

Adoreme - Noreh

Adoreme - Laralyn

Adoreme - Elvinia

Adoreme - Felice


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