July 19, 2012

Hair TLC: My hair care ammo

Happy Friday love cats ! Don’t you love it when your hair looks and feels good? But there are days that our crowning glory doesn’t sympathize with us, it usually takes tons of hair conditioner, leave on serum, blow drying and sometimes iron for it to look the way we wanted it to. Seriously
my hair needs a break from all this brutal daily routine, it needs some TLC.

Here’s two hair products that I cannot live without nowadays:

Its buy one take one!
I temporarily traded my hair conditioner with Watson’s Hair Treatment, I use a handful (yes its Hair TLC!) of this whenever I shower. Try to put more on the ends, they are the thirstiest.

My hair loves and I love Organix, Moroccan Argan healing Oil! Our hair needs protection from all the styling we do to it. Just apply a small amount to hair after washing, not only it protects, it mends and heals split ends, tames fly-away and smoothes out your hair without weighing it down, because it’s dry oil! Plus it gives shine to your locks too.

Enjoy your weekend ladies and wear your hair down..

July 03, 2012

What I have been up to

Last week Primp & Style turns 1 year old! Yay!  To celebrate, I have been busy lending a hand to a fashion enthusiast/ entrepreneur friend (Hi FABric!) market her accessories, which I believe is very trendy, versatile and very affordable. Primp & Style is all about being fashionable without breaking the bank and I believe collaborating with someone who supports the idea is truly a big leap. Ms. Roselle (owner FABric) and I will be posting some pictures of us wearing these plush affordable pieces that can surely add an ohmpf to ones outfit. Ladies finding your statement pieces will now be easy, by browsing from this link! : https://www.facebook.com/PillowFaBrik

Make-up by yours truly, all accessories are from FABric. On me, turquoise triangle earrings P175 & Gold Bracelet P200 . Roselle is wearing a statement necklace for P250. Close up of all the items for sale can be viewed thru the link.

Endorsing by way of purchasing some of the pieces is my way of celebrating a year of cut-rate fashion!

When in the ceremony, to keep the guest cool.
Doing a wedding is never easy, another thing that I have been up to this past weeks is help a family plan a wedding. It’s fun coming up with ideas for the wedding preparations.  I’m also learning a lot from my experience, I would never have guessed that choosing a wedding planner can be a bit of a challenge! Hey if you plan to hire one in the future, I’ll gladly share to you a list of questions you might want to ask, before hiring someone. Yours truly is in charge of the wedding favors, simple but tasteful is what I have in mind, here’s a peak of one of the favors the couple intends to part with.   

Ladies, whatever you are up to this week, always stay chic!