November 27, 2016

Chick Drinks – Easy Drink & Cocktails to serve on the Holiday

Thanks to the Christmas spirit, the merry songs played in public places and the colorful decors, I was able to get out of the rut I’m feeling lately. Though I won’t be joining my family for the Holidays this year (insert sad  emoji), I’m still arranging a small intimate New Year’s Party for my housemates and close friends. The idea of planning a party immediately makes me inspired and gives me that good feeling. The number of attendees might be just a few but still it’s a mixture of drinker (alcohol tolerant) and non-drinker, so I have to think of something nice and ready to drink drinks  to mix with booze to serve on New Year’s Eve.

Theme in mind, here is my suggested drinks to serve on your next party:

For the Non-drinkers

Lorina - can be served straight from the bottle (330ML) just add straw. My personal favourite is the Pink Lemonade, its light and sweet with a slight sour citric bitter edge.

BickFord’s Soda – just add straw and serve, the bottle is cute and chic also!  Instead of serving the usual soda, why not try    Bickford’s Soda, among its four flavors my pick is the Lemon Lime & Bitters, its pink!  

La Croix – who hasn’t heard about this drink yet? Seventeen flavors to choose from, if you have a friend who doesn’t want soda, this may come in handy – its sparkling flavoured water.  

For the Drinkers

If you have any of the 3 suggested drink already, here are ways how to spike them up.

Wine Spritzer – if you choose the Lorina Sparkling Lemonade, mix one part of it to one part white wine. Add frozen grapes (green) for garnish.

Champagne Sparkler – if you’re going for the pink lemonade , mix equal part of Lorina Pink lemonade and champagne, then add frozen strawberry for garnish.

Bickford’s Soda
Vodka Lemon Lime & Bitters – In a tall glass with ice, mix Birckford’s lemon lime and bitters to quarter part vodka, add fresh lemon wedge for garnish.

La Croix

Via Foo&wine

So many possibilities with this drink but I’d like to make our suggestion easy, so below are 2 to 3 ingredients cocktail recipes for your La Croix drink.

Cherry Lime & Vodka - In a tall glass with ice, combine 1 1/2 ounces of vodka and 4 ounces of LaCroix Cherry Lime, stir and garnish with a cherry and a few lime wheels.

Passion Fruit & Rum - Mix 1 ounce of dark rum and 4 ounces of LaCroix Passionfruit in a tall glass with ice.  Garnish with a lime wedge

Gin, Tonic & La Croix - In a tall glass with ice, combine 1 ounce of gin (use a classic Dry), 1 ounce of tonic, and 3 ounces of La Croix Lime. Stir and squeeze and garnish with lime.

Hope this helps, cheers!


November 05, 2016

Diving in to the one piece swimsuit trend

It's not summer I know but who can resist to go on a vacation for a quick city getaway. Destination - a spa resort, and we want to be dressed location appropriate so this means wearing a swimwear.  I'll admit, I'm a bit (more) anxious now to wear bathing suit, after moving to a new country, a part of adjusting and coping means stress eating, thus the weight gain. But this trip has given me a good reason to find the right bathing suit that is comfortable to wear and make me look great too. That being said, so thankful for the revival of the one piece bathing suits. A few years back perceived as the "mom/ old lady swimwear" is now the hottest style on beachwear. Get to know what I pick, and my other one piece swimwear suggestions and where to get them below.  

Black Crochet Open Back Monokini Swimsuit from Maykool @ $24.99 , it also comes in white.

Also from Maykool, green strapless one piece
for $21.99

Blue lace up one piece also for $21.99
Strapless, printed, color blocked or graphic styled – one piece swimwear doesn’t longer mean you’re a serious swimmer or body conscious, there are many styles out there which you can choose that will remind you that maybe 2 piece ones aren't always the best pick.


October 16, 2016

Short girl problems - how to instantly look taller in photos

Short girl over here, vertically challenged.... in my native tongue 'pandak', that’s me! Hey, I've got no problem but there are times I really (really) wish that I had long legs. Apart from making the clothes look more flattering, I think people who are taller have the advantage of looking more chic in photos. Gladly nowadays Photoshop no more because there are so many apps that would make you look taller, slimmer, fairer and even have make up on. My phone has a couple of apps that I use to enhance my instagram photos, but more often I would prefer  to share the unedited and raw pictures of me because by doing this, I think you could relate more to me. So how to avoid adding the 10 pounds in your photo, read below.

1. Monochrome dressing - umm am I right that most of your clothes are black, because we've been told that black makes us look skinnier but did you know wearing all black will actually make you look smaller?  So you need to start to  have fun and add some color to your wardrobe, just bear in mind to  wear the same shade  (bottom and top) to make you look leaner and taller. Bottom options should be darker than your top.

2. Long sleeves - yes if you want to create that illusion go for the long sleeve instead of the short ones.

3. Low V-neck - blouses, tops or dresses can fool the camera into thinking you have long torso.

Now you know what to wear, here's how to shoot.

1. Photos that are taken straight on tends to focus on the models stomach, making you look smaller, but if the angle is a low shooting position and an upward angle it will make you look taller and thinner.

Romper: Cotton On, Wedge: Charles & Keith

2. If you shoot slightly above the head, it also creates a difference. You looking up towards the camera can make your neck and torso look longer.

3. Cross your legs at your ankles - now you know why I do this ALL THE TIME in my photo, this pose automatically make my thighs and calves appear slimmer.

Pumps: Steve Madden
4. Lastly walk, make longer steps and click! This pose makes your legs look longer too!

I hope what I shared today helps and contributes to your feed goals!



September 27, 2016

Long Vest – the new basic

This coming weekend let me encourage you to get acquainted to the new basic – the long vest. I know, they have been around for quite some time now, but do you have it in your closet? Yes same with you, I ignored this piece until lately, and after getting a hold of my first long vest, I can’t seem to shop wearing it. Not yet convinced?  Well let me highlight some good reasons why you should keep this item a staple to your wardrobe.

IG: psbysophia

1.  Layering – there’s this saying “when styling, always add a third piece”, I know it can be a hat, scarf or a jacket, but when you’re in a weather that’s in the middle of hot and sometimes cold, you want your third piece to be functional. In Singapore where I am currently staying, it often rains in the afternoon, so this long vest helps to keep me warm in the office and during my commute back home.

2. A good cover up – hesitating to wear that crop top, now you can! Crop tops are a big hit, it even made it to becoming a wedding gown style. If you’re too timid to wear that belly button showing top, or a very sexy plunging satin dress, then you have the long vest to the rescue.
IG: wlyder11
Credits to my  Image Stylist/Best Friend, Art Delos Santos
for making my hair effortlessly beautiful!

3. A good alternative – if you’ve grown tired of your usual office suit or blazer, here’s an alternative. It also has the clean polished and chic look finish to it.

IG: wlyder11

4. Drama – I usually stay clear of drama in my life but would not say no to add drama into my outfit style. In this case the longer and bolder choice of colour the better.  Take note for those who are vertically challenged, a floor length vest can help to elongate your frame. I'm thinking of getting a red floor length one on may next mall visit. 

 Still in doubt, take a cue from these famous fashionistas!

Fabulous mid-week my loves!


Get the look, here's my suggestions where you can get it:
H&M now on sale $20
MDS ow on sale $19.17
Scotty Vest in camel

Zalora (SG) now $29.90

September 18, 2016

Vacation Diary: 8-12 September

Once in a while (or maybe more often if you can afford) we need a long vacation, and of course what a better and more fun way to do it is spend it with your family and good friend. If you’ve been wondering why I was MIA this past week, it’s because I spent time vacationing and traveling. Though I have been already in most of the places we went, it’s always good to be back to a place that you had a great experience, and play their tourist guide on this round of visit. I won’t write away the experience but just let the photos tell you how we spent our five days vacay. Enjoy!

Day 1 - Universal Studios

USS is our 1st day pick, better visit it on a weekday to
avoid long queue

Oh Marilyn! you're so pretty.
How can I not take a pic of this rad ride.
I didn't sit there for a pic, I was actually resting 
A Buffet is what we need, after a fun filled day at USS.
Korean Buffet for Dinner.
Day 2 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Early Birds, arriving @ 7am, Batu Caves
Lepaq lepaq is famous for its cloud coffee
Big "Daddy" Breakfast, for heavy eaters

We opted to go to KL Tower, its higher
than the Petronas
I definitely think this is the highlight of
our KL tour, Colleen is so brave!

The beautiful Petronas Tower

Day 3-4 - The City

Getting ready to eat crab, Makansutra
Just because,  Sweetspot

We have the MBS Deck to ourselves
Sky on 57, Marina Bay Sands
I have to make them try Bingki!

Day 5, was scheduled for buying
I don't show photos of my family here, its the first. I hope I didn't bore you. I was definitely charged after this vacation, my heart is filled with added memories and  so much appreciation. How was your long weekend, I hope it was spent with love ones too!