November 23, 2011

This season make it right: I’m giving in to leather!

       I encourage wardrobe creativity, so this weekend, I’m welcoming a trend that is making a comeback this season. LEATHER! Yes I’ve lusted over sequins, laces and shared the love for animal print but this time I’m giving in to leather. …you might think I’m a tad bit crazy, because of the weather situation, how can we wear them?   Ladies I’m talking about faux leather leggings, (alternative to real leather, fake) they’re airy, stretchy, form fitting and a huge trend right now.  Most of us love the look and feel of tight shiny leggings - others because they're not only flattering - they're comfortable too.

And who’s to say that some pieces don’t deserve to be repeated, these faux leather leggings can be dressed up or down, semi-formal or casual, to errands, to parties, and beyond. The slick leather bottoms work well with practically everything — and if ever there is a time to invest in a pair it's now.

Need more convincing?
 Dress it up or down to events and parties

 To running errand wearing your favorite flats.

I'm giving it a stamp of approval. Are you with me?
Faux leather leggings, YRYS P299


November 21, 2011

This season make it right: Catlike eye-makeup

  Hi ladies, exciting mid-week! I can really feel the holiday spirit with all the party and event invites I have, so this means, outfit, outfit, outfit! So for the coming days ill be posting more tutorials, tips and “get-the look”, to get you thru all the holidays’ events. To kick-off , “ This season’s make it right” , I’m going to share to you an eye make-up that will make your eyes pop.

     A cat-eye is an exotic eyeliner option that adds interest and intrigue to your face. We’ve been seeing it on celebrities and red carpets events everywhere for the past couple of months. For some, this look maybe intimidating, but don’t worry I’ll make it as easy as possible for you.

Here’s how:
  •       Apply a thin line with liquid eyeliner along your upper lid, you can always build up to the preferred thickness. The line depends on how fierce you want to look, the thicker the fiercer!
  •  Extend a small flick at the end of the lash line pointing up towards the end of the brow line.
  •    As if you’re drawing a triangle, connect the end of the flick to the eyeliner.  Make sure that the line connects smoothly to the existing line you already created. 
  •                Now fill in the space. 

     I know this sounds lame, but practice makes purr- fect, and once you mastered the rules in application, feel free to experiment with various shades. Here are celebrities who also love this look.

 .....and ladies best of all, this makeup style is adaptable to all sorts of scenes, be at the office, to the concert, a dinner party, or a night-out with the girls.  Have fun!


November 13, 2011

Weekend find: Leatherlike stilettos

    Hello everyone,  its hard to believe its mid November already, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Ladies, I know most of you decided to stay in for Manny's most awaited fight of the year, but I wouldn't miss a weekend without visiting the mall for a great find. Yes, I did cheer with you during the 8th until last round, not only because he did it again but also because I chance upon on this leather-like 3 inch stilettos!  You know I love them, and I’m so elated to share this fab find because I got it for P200 only!

Figlia : Original Price @ P1,499

   Aside from the fact that this is really a sweet deal, black high heels is a “wear with anything” piece.  It goes with just about anything, literally any time of the year, from your little black dress to your favorite dark-wash jeans, and instantly add sexiness and glamour to every outfit. There’s nothing better than a leg lengthening, butt lifting pair of fantastic black high heels, so if you find a great deal like this one, go ahead, don’t think twice!

For tips on how to wear high heels, pls visit :



November 07, 2011

Color Mood, my november nail polish picks

      Happy Tuesday everyone, how was your weekend?  I feel like everyone is so busy that they forget to take care of their nails (..opps hello me!).  Ladies our nails are accessories, too! Besides we all know that hands and especially nails can tell a lot about woman, that’s why our nails should be well-groomed and well-shaped and of course painted with a trendy nail polish color. For this month, I choose 4 different colours to wear.
  • Devotion – nudes and browns suits any length and shape of nails, also great choices for conservative workplaces or interviews
  • Mint Frost - shimmery shades says elegance with attitude

All nailpolish are available for about Php 30 – 40 a piece, depending where you’re going to purchase.
  • Fantasy red -reddish nail polish colors work better on short nails, it is a timeless shade, it’s the perfect basic choice that works for both formal and everyday events
  • Black Velvet - dark colors look chicest on shorter nails, and do require more maintenance than lighter hues because chips are more obvious.
    Can’t decide? Sometimes it happens to me too, but don’t sweat you can try Ombre Nails, its gradation of colour, starting from dark to light, or light to dark, in the same tone of colours!  

     Have fun!