October 16, 2016

Short girl problems - how to instantly look taller in photos

Short girl over here, vertically challenged.... in my native tongue 'pandak', that’s me! Hey, I've got no problem but there are times I really (really) wish that I had long legs. Apart from making the clothes look more flattering, I think people who are taller have the advantage of looking more chic in photos. Gladly nowadays Photoshop no more because there are so many apps that would make you look taller, slimmer, fairer and even have make up on. My phone has a couple of apps that I use to enhance my instagram photos, but more often I would prefer  to share the unedited and raw pictures of me because by doing this, I think you could relate more to me. So how to avoid adding the 10 pounds in your photo, read below.

1. Monochrome dressing - umm am I right that most of your clothes are black, because we've been told that black makes us look skinnier but did you know wearing all black will actually make you look smaller?  So you need to start to  have fun and add some color to your wardrobe, just bear in mind to  wear the same shade  (bottom and top) to make you look leaner and taller. Bottom options should be darker than your top.

2. Long sleeves - yes if you want to create that illusion go for the long sleeve instead of the short ones.

3. Low V-neck - blouses, tops or dresses can fool the camera into thinking you have long torso.

Now you know what to wear, here's how to shoot.

1. Photos that are taken straight on tends to focus on the models stomach, making you look smaller, but if the angle is a low shooting position and an upward angle it will make you look taller and thinner.

Romper: Cotton On, Wedge: Charles & Keith

2. If you shoot slightly above the head, it also creates a difference. You looking up towards the camera can make your neck and torso look longer.

3. Cross your legs at your ankles - now you know why I do this ALL THE TIME in my photo, this pose automatically make my thighs and calves appear slimmer.

Pumps: Steve Madden
4. Lastly walk, make longer steps and click! This pose makes your legs look longer too!

I hope what I shared today helps and contributes to your feed goals!