June 15, 2017

Working out and loving it!

Roll back the time, if someone says, lets exercise, go jogging or go to the gym, I would probably roll my eyes at them and make all the excuses I can think about just to escape a sweat session. I maintained my weight by refusing to eat rice, meat and all stuff oily. I won’t avoid sweets but I will cut down meal portions, (note: kitty portion) and sometimes skip it, yes not a good habit, I was being bad to my body.  I am very grateful that a year ago, someone encouraged me to go jogging, work out with me, eat right, and occasionally be OK to eat whatever I want.  Fast track to today, I never felt more active, stronger and good, and I can say I exercise and yes I love it!  Old self would cringe at the word jog, new self will say let’s go! Today let me share how I formed the habits and fall in love with exercise.

Find the right one
Ask yourself what you enjoy doing that involves having to move (a lot or not). If you love dancing, then maybe you’ll enjoy Zumba class, if you into cycling then a spinning class would be a choice, get the picture here? I get bored easily if I stay in one place so outdoor jogging works for me, I get to enjoy the scenery and come across other joggers during my 30-60 mins run.

IG Photo: wlyder11
IG Photo: psbysophia
Ignore the scale
Before, if my digits do not decrease after a week of exercising, I won’t have the heart to exercise. Nowadays, I don’t use the weighing scale that much anymore, I just work out. Complaining of not dropping the 1 or 2 lbs won’t help, it makes working out a “must do”. Instead , focus on the benefits that exercise gives you, like energy boost, better sleep and relieves stress.

Do you think I won’t include this? It’s also a part of forming the habit, if you’re dressed for it then 100% you’ll be motivated to act like it. It might be psychological, but it has helped me, really!

Find a Buddy
Make it social, find a friend/buddy who has the same fitness goals, its motivating to have people who can relate to your work out progress. Plus you’ll have somebody to constantly remind you, or vice versa about the routine that you must follow.

Change, don’t over do
If you over do some exercises then it’s not enjoyable anymore, it becomes more of a chore. Find an alternative in between your routine jog. My exercise buddy would occasionally sign us both for spinning; prepare an intense 30min mix of moves with running work-outs or outdoor cycling. This way, I don’t get bored and my body gets that shock so that I’ll get that continued benefits.

Reward yourself
This method never gets old with me, and I believe applies to you too. Besides feeling good after achieving even the smallest fitness goals, treat yourself! A big pat on the back and reward yourself with that food that you’ve been craving for, just be mindful of the portion. Aside from food, a facial, manicure or massage is an ideal treat.

Have a playlist for your work-out session helps too, crank up that volume! I believe there are so much more habits that a health buff can add to my list, but for now if you’re planning to start, do it gradually, and most importantly, listen to your body, know when to stop, hydrate and eat.