August 25, 2011

What to Wear if….your a Wedding Guest

          June has been the favorite month for weddings, but more couples opt to get hitched in December. In fact a friend of mine, (Hi Chayne!) and an officemate is tying the knot by the end of the year.  I think the festive mood might be one of the reason or companies are generous when giving V-leaves during this time. So in light of the coming “wedding season” and to the all too familiar question of “what shall I wear to the wedding”, I have put together a blog on wedding attire. Yes, it’s exciting to be invited but knowing the difference between “formal”, “semi-formal” or “casual” can sometimes leave us wanting to RSVP regret. 

            Well ladies, read on to know a few guide.

Formal – take out your cocktail dresses, tea length (about 4 inches above the ankle) or full length dress. Jewelry should be the best that you own. Don’t wear a skintight gown if dancing is a part of the event.  I prefer to wear neutral or dark colors with minimal beading/sequins. Wear appropriate shoes and hair up is a must.

Semi-formal – usually the trickiest! Wear a short skirt (I don’t mean mini skirt!) something tasteful and flowy.  The dress does not have to be full length, but a length just about your knees is alright.  For footwear, no flats, sandals or ballet flats, only your best shoes, strappy sandals and glam pumps will do.

Casual – For day events, dresses and dress suits that fall below the knee, dressy tops with dress pants made of appropriate fabric will do. No denim. If its summer, choose a dress in floral print or don’t hesitate to go for bold colors such as yellow. A fun skirt with sleeveless or button –up shirt will also be appropriate. Hair worn down and loose is one casual wedding style, and remember your shoes can make or break your outfit, flirty heels, peep toe, sling back or sandals are ok.

Beach wedding – Beach means you have to walk on the sand and endure the elements during the ceremony. Choose a light color so you will be cool and comfortable. Fabric made of linen is an excellent choice, it can be formal looking yet very light weight. If its a summer beach wedding, find a light sundress for daytime (sleeveless or off-shoulder), or a long elegant dress that feels beachy for an evening.

        However tricky dressing for a wedding maybe, always keep in mind that the No.1 goal is not to upstage the bride. Hope this helps, have a good time and don't forget to catch the bouquet!

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