December 05, 2011

The 50's Lady

          Hi ladies, who here love skirts? I’m not talking about the bandage skirt, they had their time already, right now I really love flirty and feminine skirt and this style does it for me!  The full circle skirts are back in style, with shapes that accentuate curves and foster femininity.  Think of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw , in Sex in the City! These skirts are so comfortable and easy to wear. .and while these skirts do have a 50’s flavor to them, it’s possible to wear one without looking frumpy.

Here’s my take, Circle skirts are feminine when worn with a lace bodysuit; Vintage when paired with a loose blouse and sky-high pumps; and geek chic with a buttonned up polo and brogues. (menswear-inspired lace up shoe)


 In addition here is Instyle’s tip on how to wear your Circle Skirts.

  •  Go with above the knee-length. Today's full skirts should fall to or slightly above your knee -- anything lower will look too retro. Also, this is the most flattering length for legs.
  • Look for minimum fullness. Avoid circle skirts with crinolines or layers underneath that make them puff out. Layers give a more costumey effect. 
  • Experiment with patterns. This season's full skirts come in many rich patterns, from polka dots to flowers to geometric prints. Choose a pattern for a modern look.
  • Stay simple on top. The sleeker the top, the more chic you'll look in a full skirt. Try a short-sleeved, close-fitting sweater, a simple cardigan worn buttoned almost all the way up, or a basic tank or shell. Avoid patterns on top, and choose a color that complements a shade in the skirt.
  • Pick the right shoes. Since full skirts are feminine and flirty, the shoes you wear with them should be, too.
Thinking of buying one?

Soft gray skirt with bow, P2795, Topshop.

Beige and black skirt with a garter belt, P1695,Promod.

SM Dept. Store P545


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