March 13, 2017

Not getting Cold shoulders anymore

Team OTS? (Off the shoulder). Almost all the girls I know have tried this, except for me! I’ve been holding off from wearing this trend for a while, because of body issues.  I always thought that this style is for those who have sexy arms, which I am sure I don’t have. For some reason, I swear it seems that fats from what I eat goes directly to my arms, and do you also agree that it’s a bit difficult to tone them.  Opps did I just say that? Yes it’s that one-part-of-the-body I want to fix question, if asked to change.  Gladly the girls over at Dia&Co have encouraged me to just go for it.  That push made me really consider wearing it and along the way I have discovered and will share a few things which you might find helpful when wearing this trend.

The right BRA - you need a strapless bra for the OTS look, choose a bra that has a full cup (to avoid spillage) with underwire that encases the whole breast. If you feel uncomfortable about your bra you might want to get fitted by a professional, they will help you to choose the right size and how to put them on correctly.

The fit - you might think getting a tighter one will help to keep it in place, No, it will make it more pop up quickly. Getting one size bigger than what I thought I need, was actually better. It was a bit loose but it stayed in place longer.

Happy and I must say, it’s a bit liberating to finally go for it. It made me remember about a book that I once read saying, “We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do.”

We all feel insecure from time to time, but as Dia&Co reminds me, we don’t need to hide our perceived flaws to avoid specific style. Head on to their site and find out more how they can assist you, they will give attention to every detail - shape, style and budget.

Have a fun week ahead ladies!