May 18, 2017

One for the Hommes: Jensen’s Lookbook

Hi guys, before the month ends I’m letting a good friend of mine take over my blog. I looked over the entries I’ve had here for the past years and noticed that I have never done a single one for the hommes.  So today let me introduce to you Jensen, who also shares the same interest for fashion and travel. I admire him for not letting his crazy busy work schedule gets in the way of planning a trip every now and then. Working, travelling, taking photos, blogging and looking good sounds a bit too much, so on his birth month, I would like to take a page and share with you Jensen’s style, take a look on how he normally would dress to impress on a daily work day basis. Below are the top 3 looks which are my favorites.

 Look 1:  White pants and floral printed button-up

Love love love white pants!, if I’m not that clumsy I would love to wear white pants always, but such a klutz and nowadays I’m always running around here and there to run errands. Love this outfit on Jensen, it looks neat, comfy and very summery because of the print.

Look 2: Neutral accessories

Pair with a white bottom, this printed long sleeves is very hard to pull-off if you think about the weather in the Philippines. But an 8hour job inside a centralized building makes it easy. The bag, belt and the shoes top with the hat looks fab.

Look 3: Bold Blue

It’s very obvious that I’m biased with a white piece of outfit, but when Jensen paired it with this blue top, it pops! I love when an outfit has this one pop of color, adds fun and energy to the whole look.

You can check out Jensen’s travel photo here

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