October 31, 2011

My favorite celebrity halloween costume

Boo! I know everybody had fun giving out treats to kids, and dressing up in their Halloween costumes. This weekend  I browsed the web for celebrities in their Halloween get-up, and here's my favorite this year.
Lauren Conrad is channeling The Great Gatsby in her glamorous flapper girl ensemble.

Blake Lively opted for a sexy flight attendant costume.

 Lo Bosworth as Little Red Riding Hood

Nicky Hilton as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's.         
Kim Kardashian sports her ‘Poison Ivy’ costume.

Ashley Greene as a Peacock.

Nina Dovreb as Willy Wonka

What do you think ladies, maybe next year?



October 24, 2011

Weekend Cosplay

     Hi guys, I had a fun and very playful weekend with my niece and nephew. So as we count the days to Halloween we decided to play dress up, or shall I say Cosplay. (Costume play, I believe that's what they call it nowadays).  My vampire look is  maybe too much for the office so I'm  still going for the "no costume look" this coming friday, but still I wanted to share  this look to you, here it is! 

I'm a Vampire Diaries addict, that's why I wanted to dress like one, but pardon me for the
background coz im not that good at photoshop.

My niece Andrea, as the bride of Mr. Night before Christmas.

Lervin Jaf, he's quite a handfull! Does he look like Mr. Pringles?

     How about you, have you decided what you'll be this coming Halloween? If you have pictures of you in your costumes just join my site so I could post them here too. 


October 19, 2011

Thursday Treat: Simple Halloween Makeup

     Halloweens near, time for costumes! But are you the girl who doesn’t really want to dress up? You know the kind of girl who comes in jeans, a black or orange t-shirt, and a funny headpiece/headband? Worry no more ladies, I have a very simple make-up tip that doesn’t require too much detail, you don’t really need to be artistic, just must know how to draw small “c” and “v”.    This makeup is a more chic and stylish approach to the “no costume look”

Cheetah Eyes
  • Use a makeup brush or your finger to apply gold/bronze eyeshadow to your entire eyelids, including the browbone.
  • Using your liquid eyeliner draw small c’s and v’s on the outside corner of the eyelid above the crease.( no pattern just draw wonky, sometimes inverted c and v!)
  • When your c and v’s are dry, apply green eyeshadow (you can use blue too!) to the inside of your c and v using a Q-tip.
  • For a more fierce look, using your liquid liner or an angled brush apply a fairly thin line along your upper lashes. Extend  line upwards towards the end of the brow (like you’re drawing a line towards it) by making a small flick.
  •  Also, apply black liner to your lower lashes if you wish.
 Here's how to style the look:

1. Black Skinny jeans (PRP, Sale P599)
2. Tiangge T-Shirt ( P200)
3. SM Dept. Store Clutch bag 
4. Bangles ( Genevive, P200/set)
5. Black High heels

Now your ready for trick or treat, have fun.


October 13, 2011

I ♥ Fridays : Do you agree that pink makes everything beautiful?

          Hi lovelies! Thank God is Friday, its time for the weekend! I cant wait to sleep n relax and pamper myself….Anyway, I like to share to you random pics of things in pink.  Aren’t they lovely? 

Pink is a pale red, but has a personality of its own. It’s a romantic colour.    



 A study showed that Pink has a subduing effect on those suffering emotional distress.   
People who enjoy wearing Pink are affectionate, sympathetic and understanding.

Pink evokes thoughts of cotton candy, bubble gum and silk hair bows, and strawberry milkshakes.


Pink is the sweet side of red, a feminine delicate color, it represents “sugar and spice and everything nice”.

All shades of Pink get sophisticated when combined with black or gray

Pink Phrases:  In the pink –means healthy , Tickled pink – means happy & content
Pink has been known to make the observer desire to handle things more gently

When surprising someone with a gift, pink lingerie is a guaranteed winner.

In sports settings, pink may make athletes initially less aggressive, but after some exposure, the aggressive properties of red kick in.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as a reminder wear something Pink.

         I hope you enjoyed them, and please visit again for a Halloween make-up tip.
Can you guess? Here’s a peek.

October 08, 2011

Why don’t you…. a DIY photobooth for your next party!

              Well its weekend once again, and Im pretty sure some of you will be attending a celebration, either anniversary, birthday , wedding or simply check out the October fest event. But if you don’t have anything planned for this weekend, I want to share a DIY (do-it-yourself) project that’ll be useful for your next party.  This first week of the month, I have already attended 3 parties and the big rage in parties are Photobooths! It has become a big trend, but sadly can cost us a pretty penny. So if you’re a confessed photo addict and don’t want to break your bank, this project is for you. You don’t have to suck your money in renting one of those expensive photobooth, here’s a simple and fun way to have your own photobooth for your next party. 

What you need:
Printed templates
Barbeque sticks
Glue stick
Glue gun
Card board or used folder
Ribbon (Optional)

What to do:
1.        Print the templates.  
2.       Cut them out and paste them on a card board.
3.       If they’re dry already , cut them accordingly.
4.      Attach them to the end of the barbeque stick.  , using your glue gun. 
5.       For your props to look really cute, you can add a ribbon to the barbeque stick.

Mustache on stick is my personal favorite!
              On the event, set up a digital camera on a tripod (or just assign someone to be the official photographer) and face it toward a blank wall, or put-up a fabric with a pretty print on the wall to create a backdrop. Take out your DIY props, put it on a basket, add an empty frame or just anything that will fit the theme of your party. Lastly encourage your guest to take pictures using a sign beside your photobooth corner. Make sure to upload the pictures the following day so that your friends can get a copy.  Now that you have your own photobooth all you need to do is Strike a pose, and Say Cheese!

My lovely models, Colleen & Julia!

Ha ha my eyes look tired!
That's from attending a party  last night.


         If you want templates of the photobooth props that I used, just join my site, and leave your email on the comment box below.