February 25, 2016

Traditional (Bullet) Vs. Liquid Lipstick

Wohoo! We survived another week, cheers to the weekend. It’s time to put on that bright red or pink lipstick for a weekend night out with a special someone or with the girls. Ladies what’s your lipstick preference? Lately I’ve been gravitating towards the liquid matte lipstick which I think is becoming very popular nowadays. I like how it’s easy to apply, the staying power, plus the finish it gives. What’s really the difference between a traditional and liquid? Let me break it down for you and tell me what your verdict is:

Traditional Lipstick or Bullet

Traditional, Bullet or the Twist Up Lipsticks have a wide range of finishes – satin & sheer, creamy, frosted, glossy or matte. Many of us like them because of its texture, feel and wider color selections.  Also we can twist all day, it’s quick and easier to apply, can be applied even in a moving vehicle – without mirror for some! Having control over the sheerness in each application by applying fewer or more swipes.  Downside: less staying power, if mistreated in heat or bumping, lipstick could melt or break.

Traditional (Bullet) Lipstick Finish
Photo Credit: britishbeautyaddict

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks comes in wide range too, glossy, creamy and the one I’m loving right now, the mattes! They are ultra-pigmented, offers instant color in a single swipe, applied like a lip-gloss with a wand applicator. If you find the right brand liquid ones are very long lasting and feel weightless once it’s set. While application its glides on your lips like a gel, resulting to a gorgeous, vibrant and fuller looking lips.  Downside: Application can get inaccurate better have steady hands, some brands are very drying to lips so we need lots of prep before applying, and higher price point. Some liquid formulas don’t set making it transferable to your hair, clothes or teeth easily.

Kylie Jenner loves liquid mattes she even created her own line, Kylie Lip Kit - but a very pricey,
you can get others for a very affordable price

Love to know favorite lipstick formula.  Smile, drink and kiss with confidence ladies, happy weekend!


Left: Wearing Nyx shade in Istanbul
Right: Wearing Colourpop in Tulle