July 27, 2016

Saturday Night: Shorts + Shirts + Boots

Coachella season is over but concert season in most countries have just started. Do you ever fuss about what you should wear to a concert?  Or you just pull out a shorts/jeans and a cool looking shirt?  I’ve been having a push and pull about this topic but since my two house buddies have been constantly bugging me to wear a laid back look, I am giving in. As you know I’m a girly-girl outfit lover, and I would usually reach out for a skirt, dress or a bodycon ensemble when in front of lots of clothes option.  But if weekend’s Saturday plan is different, say a night that entails going out to a music event then it calls out for a short + shirt + boots combo. Below are our suggestions for this type of a Saturday night.

Bottom Options:

Stair Stares, IG: wlyder11
Cut-off shorts are the first options, believe me I wanted to wear one, but nowadays I think wearing one is not age appropriate anymore (unless of course I’m at the beach!), I will leave this for my nieces and younger cousins to  give justice. If you’re too timid to show legs, go for the regular length denim shorts. Wearing shorts to these events will give you freedom to move, jump and just be free.  It’s also Ok to sit down on grounds and just anywhere without worrying too much about it being dirty. It will also be comfortable just in case the venue becomes hot or overly crowded.

Top Options:

A basic tee will do – a plain T-shirt is ok, I prefer a darker shade so you won’t have to constantly worry about stains, remember there are so many irresistible foods available, just in case tempted to grab one, then you can chow down happily. For this instance, I opted for a graphic tee, with an “Explore” written on it.
This Tee with an embroidered cross design
is my style, its also available in white.
Tee by: King Ranch Saddle Shop

Same design in 3/4 sleeve length
Tee By: King Ranch Saddle Shop

Sleeveless/Crop-tops – my girl Cha opts to wear a black sleeveless top with lace trimmings at the bottom, it’s also a bit short in the front to show a little bit of sexiness, a peak of a belly button if you may.

Ms. Cha
Plaid Button down shirt – it’s a common choice, because if you wear it with a tank top inside then it’s an instant country look. Carl chooses a grey tank top paired with a pink shade plaid button down. This way she can style it by tying both ends at the front, unbuttoning it all the way, tying it at the waist or by taking it off when dancing.  What’s great about this is when the night is over and it gets cold, you can roll down the sleeve and button it up to keep you warm.

Ms. Carl

Plaid classic, dressed up in a flirty ruffled front and center.
By: King Ranch Saddle Shop

Footwear Option
I think every tropical girl’s dream is to wear boots someday. Coming from a country that has only wet and dry season (Philippines), we don’t have the luxury of wearing boots. So now that I live in Singapore, though the weather is also hot, ankle length boots are tolerable, reason why Carl and I opted for it. But if your weather and location allows you to wear one, here are some great options. We would personally get ourselves a pair of cowboy boots if we have an occasion to wear them.  You can check these boots below and even some cowboy boots too, at King Ranch Saddle Shop.

Ride or stride in cowgirl style with this boot.
Soft suede cowhide is dressed up with quilt stitching
By: King Ranch Saddle Shop

Another pick of mine from their boot selections.
By: King Ranch Saddle Shop

Ladies don’t forget your accessories, they make a big impact, my advice, avoid gold tones and go for the silver, bronze and black ones, the chunkier the better. Skull styles accessories are personally my types, the silver cross earring which I’m wearing is spot on for this event.

Hope your weekend rocks!


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