July 17, 2016

Celebrating our 5th!

A very happy Sunday to all you ladies! I am so cheerful today and hyper excited, hope it can vibrate and somehow bring energy to your day too! The past months’ weekends have been mini celebrations preparing and anticipating Primp and Style’s 5th year. I can’t believe it either, there was a period that I waned from updating, but nevertheless, I believe if it’s something that you really love and have passion for, you would always have the urge to do it. Over the years I only share limited photos, but if you only knew how many shots we have to take, you’ll be overwhelmed. Today I am feeling so grateful and wanted to share some photos we took but never make it to the blog. I had fun reminiscing going thru it, hope you’ll enjoy them too ladies, here they are.  

A quick break from the city

One of the weddings I attended
The hats pretty right?
The background is just amazing! Singapore
Even if your barefoot, if there is a chance,
 go for it!
If you know it, gotta wear it!
They say I look prego ,honestly its just the dress!


Duxton Hotel
Thai coconut
Paris Baguette Cafe
Tony Romas

Cotton On Body
Revlon, Maybelline & Covergirl
Nyx & Colourpop
Coral Beach Resort
Bangui Windmills
JB Malaysia
Cute souvenirs Vietnam

And yes we did celebrate our fifth with a photo shoot with friends!

Ms. Carla, Ms. Charlot and yours truly! 
"The 3 C" , best when captured candid!
Our less format look
Stay chic ladies and thanks!



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