August 12, 2016

Choker Appeal

Choker’s are back! I had them in the 90’s why should I hesitate to get new ones now? For me it’s not just following what’s hot in fashion, but giving in to what’s “in” means there is no slowing down. We get to a point where we just get so comfortable and not really bother how we look specially once a relationship gets super steady. This weekend’s highlight accessories are the CHOKERS. There's something about wearing it whether you’re in your teens, 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s, I will say it has an (sexy) appeal. It kinda looks intimidating but choker doesn't interfere with your outfit, it will actually complement your style, acting like a built in scarf, best part, its inexpensive style!

I recently got three, all in black – all for under $5 only! Here they are:
IG: psbysophia

Tips on how to wear chokers:

  • When pairing your chokers with a dress or a top, consider the necklines.  The more skin exposed the more it will stand out.
  • Black and neutral colour choker tends to look great on everyone, but if you plan to go with chokers with embellishments, like stones or cameos coordinate it with your outfit.

  • Try it on before buying, some chokers may not fit your neck, or be too loose. We don’t want to waste our money on chokers that will look lousy.

  • Layer up! Start with a  simple choker, it should be the thickest of the combo. Second piece should be slightly longer than your choker, a delicate chain will do. Lastly, finish your layer look with a necklace that has a pendant 

Share your choker style with us. Happy weekend and stay fab!


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