June 27, 2016

Chic Home: Why you need flowers at home

Photo Credit: Elle Decor
Friday florals has been a staple to my Instagram lately, and yes it has nothing to do with fashion or budgeting but I believe it does something good for your mood, inspiration and you’re mind-set for the day. Having your home tidied up is one thing, but having flowers around in your home helps you in several ways you might not have thought about. There are a lot of flower types to choose from and a lot of colors too, so you have the liberty of coordinating it to your home décor just in case you decide to get some. But first here are the reasons why you should consider picking up a few on your next market visit this weekend.

Instgram photo: wlyder11

Mood and Inspiration – generally girls feel instant happiness and change of mood every time they receive a bouquet of flower. It goes the same way too, weather you get it by yourself, picking up some fragrant, fresh and beautiful florals boost your mood. Having them around your home gives a fresh look and feel good living space.

Memories – we associate certain flowers to special events in our lives, wedding, our childhood, welcoming a child, birthdays, anniversaries and special dates. These set of lovelies takes us back to a happy place in our lives.

Creativity – studies says fresh flowers stimulates creativity and promotes better concentration. Hmmm, no wonder most office spaces have them. Have a vase of flowers on your work desk at home or your side table, it can help you or your child’s creativity and growing imagination.

Warm and welcoming  – when you have guest coming over, you usually add flowers on the table, because aside from adding up to your table décor it represents you want them to feel cosy and welcomed. Why not get it for yourself and your love ones too, not only for visitors.

I must admit, I was not a big fan of having florals around the house back then. But when you have a place of your own and the liberty to style your own space, that’s when you realize these simple details are also important. It goes beyond having an instagramable space, it reflects your attitude towards cleanliness, organization and having that positive outlook that you need in your everyday life.

Would love to see what type and color you’ll get for your home, be free to share your pics.

Instagram photo: wlyder11
Instagram photo: wlyder11

FB photo: primp&style
Instagram photo: wlyder11

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