June 19, 2016

Outfit on Repeat

I’m a repeat offender – opps! Nothing really law breaking but I am that type who repeats outfits especially if the clothes flatter my body, get lots of compliments and just because sometimes I just really really love them. I remember being called out one time (an ex-boyfriend) by wearing a piece of clothing so much, I was offered to go shopping. It’s a bit offensive but having it said by somebody who is close to me ….. I took it as an opportunity – hello shopping! Sharing this personal experience, I‘m now more sparked to write down the dos & don’ts of wearing your favorite outfits.

Its OK to repeat an outfit, just remember:

Skirt by VGY
Grace period – establish a timeline, give it a couple of weeks before you wear the same piece of clothes again, or at least wait for the laundry day.

Change accessories – one thing you could do if you can’t help but showing off your new find is by selecting a piece of accessory that pops, this way it redirects the attention to the accessory and not the clothes, making it unnoticeable that it’s on repeat.

Same occasions – never repeat an outfit with the same kind of occasion, example the same dress cannot be worn on another wedding, this can resonate to style laziness. Alter it by investing on a new piece that can be paired or dressed down on another occasions.

Be creative – sometime by just rolling up the sleeves, popping up the collar, and unbuttoning a few buttons will create a new look for the outfit – let your creative style come out!

Basics – if it’s a basic then its OK, there are so many ways to make a basic look different. Basic pieces are not the ones that will stand out but the printed ones or the statement pieces are the things that will stick to the memories of your friends. 

Ladies these a just a few suggestions, but the most important one is to have fun when dressing up. If you’re a shopaholic then this isn’t a dilemma, if not relax, you don’t need to spend much on clothes, what is important is the way you carry your clothes and your personality!


Light pastel colored top @ $10,Bugis, paired it with silver
accessories, and flat beige sandals

Simple pouch, H&M 

White wedge, Charles & Keith, Black Bag
by H&M

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