August 03, 2014

Weekender: My $5 challenge

Its Friday once again ladies, and I am psyche about this coming weekend, I’ll be sleeping over at my friend’s house and we will do some cooking, but you know what excites me the most? It’s about having that girl time, we are all grown up women, but you know, we still enjoy dressing up each other once we are together in one room.  So ladies, I’m ready to brag, yes, my $5sgd finds this week.

It’s funny how I can still inject my weekly mall trips to my very busy week, hey I feel I will get sick if I don’t visit the mall even once in a week, I’m sure you can all relate girls, whether we are not buying anything , it’s always nice to browse and window shop right? My trips to the mall was worth it this week, I get to stumble upon this two uniquely styled top for $5 per piece.

The view deserves a much bigger space, it was a little hot,  this green blouse
was so airy and comfortable, Green Blouse only $5!

This white blouse has T-shaped cut (only $5)in the front, to make it look fashionable and not fall flat
 I paired it with a yellow printed skirt and red heels

I hope you’ll find something fab also this week! Kisses to all of you ladies!



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