November 06, 2012

Black is Business

Three weeks went by so fast, I felt it was the busiest days for me this year (?). Apologies for the blog hiatus. Ladies have you ever noticed why coordinators, stylist, planners and photographers wear black when doing events? You might probably think “oh it’s their uniform”, but let me tell you why they actually wear this color when doing events.

Black pants and shirts are the industry standard, it is non- descript.  You wouldn't know if it’s Gap or Bench, mostly coordinators don’t want self expression on events. Yes it might be a small detail but it should not be overlooked during events. And ladies let me ask you the same question Kelly Cutrone once asked to an interviewer, “Would you want my team to wear Cavalli on your occasion?”  Of course not, agree ladies?

I had fun styling during the couples prenuptial photo shoot, and what did I wear? Black of course! Enjoy the pictures lovelies, and always stay chic!


With Em Ronquillo & Rhods Cunanan
Posing on our free time, with Joyce Tabong

Em Ronquillo and his Staff  wears Black @ the Breiz Event

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