November 21, 2012

Travel tip: Packing accessories and makeup

Hello ladies, I’ve been away last week to have a vacation with some family and friends and as I was packing I had a little bit of a roadblock.  As much as I wanted to bring lots and lots of options, I have to limit my luggage to what I will just use on my five day vacation. Of course I don’t want a missing earring or a dent on my ring, or I don’t want my favorite foundation to spill on my make-up bag, so ladies let me give you some tips on how I pack my girly stuff.

For my accessories, I use mini ziplocks.  This little bags help my necklaces from being tangled, I place each accessories separately, before putting them in a small plastic box. 

For my make-up, I use  bigger ziplocks before putting them in small cosmetics bags, this way my  brushes, face creams, blushes and eye shadows are organized. I put my lotions and even hair products in them too,just in case they spill, this way you won't have to worry about your make-up case.

Im sure you'll be going on a vacation this coming holiday, whatever you plan to pack, remember to pack lightly, you might come across a fabulous find!  

 Here are some pics of my recent getaway 

Man Made Forest
  Besing & Jr,Angel & Ryan,Joey,Glen & Joyce, Marvie & Rheo,Rhods, Juzman
Neneth Escobedo, Edwin & Nory Breiz

 Loboc Island

 Plantation Bay Resort


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