June 06, 2012

Scent 411: Eau de Parfum/Eau de Toilette/Eau de Cologne

Another weekend had come and passed, and what’s so lovely about these breaks are the inspirations I get to share to all of you. Beauty insight was shared thru familiar friends (Joy of Novagen Pharma) and as you know I’m a beauty junkie, and nothing seems to excite me than a little bit of tips and info I get from small chit chats.  An interesting point that I am eager to share to all scent lovers out there is the difference of Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Cologne.  Do you know how they are different from each other?  Well ladies heres the lowdown:

Eau de Parfum – (oh də pahr/fah) is heavy on oils and light on alcohol.  The Intensity of oil is greater, than Eau de toilette. It is estimated that 70% of it can be lost after a few hours but 30% will remain 24 hours thus they are more costly. Scent will bloom more if applied to wrist, elbow, neck and cleavage.

Eau de Toilette – (oh-də-twä-let\) is not as highly concentrated in oils, about 80% of it can evaporate in three hours. It is suggested that aside from applying it to selected parts of the body, misting a little to your clothes, scarves and handkerchief will bring pleasant effect.

Eau de Cologne – (oh-də- Kuh-LONE) the least concentrated of scents, so they have the least amount of time on the skin and can be dissolved in an hour.

I love fragrances, I personally believe that our scent defines us, and for me it completes the image we want to portray.  Just a few spritz can instantly hike up ones femininity. 

Hope this coming weekend brings inspiration!

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