June 13, 2012

Spruce up your Flip Flops

My friend Lani and I like to DIY (do it yourself) things so much and last Friday, when she treated us to a Korean Dinner (so much Kimchi & Samgyupsal!) the decision to whether put flowers or buttons on her new flip flops was never resolved. So in light of the unfinished and unresolved decision, I’ve put up choices of DIY designs to spruce up one’s Flip Flops. These designs are my favorites that I’ve seen from all the DIY lovelies out there.

DIY with fabric straps by DIY Enthusiast 

Flip-Flop Bead Bling by craftsunleashed

Beads adorned flip flops by Lou Figueiredo

Because I love Bows! by ohthelovelythings
Lovely beads & shells by Trinketsinbloom

Yes we’ll be saying goodbye to summer soon, but I could never stash away my trusted flip flops, it’s one of my year round must have. 


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