May 18, 2012

The Battle: Gold vs. Silver Accessories

Cara Accessories Gold

Cara Accessories Silver


Have you ever contemplated on which is better between Gold and Silver accessories? Sometimes when you are gazing at an item with the same style, it can be really hard to decide which one is more beautiful - gold 0r silver.  Of course, some of you have our own preference over the other, maybe because of the price, versatility or just on how they look and feel on you.  If you’ll ask me – I’ll probably pick both, so how do I really know which one’s the best for me? 

Pick gold if you have greenish colored veins. This means you have warm skin tone, and gold, pewter, brass and copper favor your skin color. Gold is very elegant and exquisite, plus it brightens the skin of the wearer.

If you have bluish colored veins, then pick silver. You have cool skin tone so silver, platinum and white gold will look best on you. Silver looks casual yet stylish, it glitters but it’s not flashy.

Weather you’re a gold or silver lover, remember that trends nowadays is all about mix and matching, so go ahead with whatever you feel good on you!

Smile, it’s the best accessory we can  own.

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