December 13, 2011

This season make it right: Decoding the Smart Casual Attire

Are you still confused on what to wear on the 19th or to an upcoming corporate event? The memo says, dress smart casual......erm hmmm what is Smart Casual? So a lot of you have been asking what exactly is smart casual, how does it look like? All the pictures carry the “casual” word on the title, does this mean all of them are appropriate? Fret no more ladies, today we are decoding the smart casual look, so that you’ll be party ready for our first time outside the office holiday celebration.

Smart casual is a combination of casual and dressy, at the office, smart casual clothes are the kinds you’d wear on casual Fridays. The basic rule to achieve smart casual wear is to achieve a 60-40 balance of formal versus casual apparel and accessories. This in mind, I have put together 5 options for you this coming Monday.

Look No. 1
Smart – Blazer + Accessories + Pumps/Best flats
Casual – Basic jeans + T-shirt/ Tank Top

Look No. 2
Smart - Dressy Top + High Heels + Accessories
Casual – Leggings (Try Leather!) 

Look No. 3
Smart – Tailored Top + Accessories + High Heels
    Casual – Fun Skirt (Circle Skirt) or Dressy Flats

Look No. 4
Smart – Pumps + Accessories
                           Casual – Dress, above or just below the

Look No. 5
Smart – Office Skirt or Slacks + Pumps or High heels
Casual – Fun Blouse 

Have fun shopping ladies and stay chic!



  1. Thanks for the tips. Now I have an idea on what to wear and this actually saved me from buying new clothes. Meron naman ako sa closet hahaha!

  2. Your welcome Miss Mai, that's what i'm going to do too, mix and match something i already have