October 08, 2011

Why don’t you…. a DIY photobooth for your next party!

              Well its weekend once again, and Im pretty sure some of you will be attending a celebration, either anniversary, birthday , wedding or simply check out the October fest event. But if you don’t have anything planned for this weekend, I want to share a DIY (do-it-yourself) project that’ll be useful for your next party.  This first week of the month, I have already attended 3 parties and the big rage in parties are Photobooths! It has become a big trend, but sadly can cost us a pretty penny. So if you’re a confessed photo addict and don’t want to break your bank, this project is for you. You don’t have to suck your money in renting one of those expensive photobooth, here’s a simple and fun way to have your own photobooth for your next party. 

What you need:
Printed templates
Barbeque sticks
Glue stick
Glue gun
Card board or used folder
Ribbon (Optional)

What to do:
1.        Print the templates.  
2.       Cut them out and paste them on a card board.
3.       If they’re dry already , cut them accordingly.
4.      Attach them to the end of the barbeque stick.  , using your glue gun. 
5.       For your props to look really cute, you can add a ribbon to the barbeque stick.

Mustache on stick is my personal favorite!
              On the event, set up a digital camera on a tripod (or just assign someone to be the official photographer) and face it toward a blank wall, or put-up a fabric with a pretty print on the wall to create a backdrop. Take out your DIY props, put it on a basket, add an empty frame or just anything that will fit the theme of your party. Lastly encourage your guest to take pictures using a sign beside your photobooth corner. Make sure to upload the pictures the following day so that your friends can get a copy.  Now that you have your own photobooth all you need to do is Strike a pose, and Say Cheese!

My lovely models, Colleen & Julia!

Ha ha my eyes look tired!
That's from attending a party  last night.


         If you want templates of the photobooth props that I used, just join my site, and leave your email on the comment box below.


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