October 24, 2011

Weekend Cosplay

     Hi guys, I had a fun and very playful weekend with my niece and nephew. So as we count the days to Halloween we decided to play dress up, or shall I say Cosplay. (Costume play, I believe that's what they call it nowadays).  My vampire look is  maybe too much for the office so I'm  still going for the "no costume look" this coming friday, but still I wanted to share  this look to you, here it is! 

I'm a Vampire Diaries addict, that's why I wanted to dress like one, but pardon me for the
background coz im not that good at photoshop.

My niece Andrea, as the bride of Mr. Night before Christmas.

Lervin Jaf, he's quite a handfull! Does he look like Mr. Pringles?

     How about you, have you decided what you'll be this coming Halloween? If you have pictures of you in your costumes just join my site so I could post them here too. 


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