October 19, 2011

Thursday Treat: Simple Halloween Makeup

     Halloweens near, time for costumes! But are you the girl who doesn’t really want to dress up? You know the kind of girl who comes in jeans, a black or orange t-shirt, and a funny headpiece/headband? Worry no more ladies, I have a very simple make-up tip that doesn’t require too much detail, you don’t really need to be artistic, just must know how to draw small “c” and “v”.    This makeup is a more chic and stylish approach to the “no costume look”

Cheetah Eyes
  • Use a makeup brush or your finger to apply gold/bronze eyeshadow to your entire eyelids, including the browbone.
  • Using your liquid eyeliner draw small c’s and v’s on the outside corner of the eyelid above the crease.( no pattern just draw wonky, sometimes inverted c and v!)
  • When your c and v’s are dry, apply green eyeshadow (you can use blue too!) to the inside of your c and v using a Q-tip.
  • For a more fierce look, using your liquid liner or an angled brush apply a fairly thin line along your upper lashes. Extend  line upwards towards the end of the brow (like you’re drawing a line towards it) by making a small flick.
  •  Also, apply black liner to your lower lashes if you wish.
 Here's how to style the look:

1. Black Skinny jeans (PRP, Sale P599)
2. Tiangge T-Shirt ( P200)
3. SM Dept. Store Clutch bag 
4. Bangles ( Genevive, P200/set)
5. Black High heels

Now your ready for trick or treat, have fun.


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