September 27, 2016

Long Vest – the new basic

This coming weekend let me encourage you to get acquainted to the new basic – the long vest. I know, they have been around for quite some time now, but do you have it in your closet? Yes same with you, I ignored this piece until lately, and after getting a hold of my first long vest, I can’t seem to shop wearing it. Not yet convinced?  Well let me highlight some good reasons why you should keep this item a staple to your wardrobe.

IG: psbysophia

1.  Layering – there’s this saying “when styling, always add a third piece”, I know it can be a hat, scarf or a jacket, but when you’re in a weather that’s in the middle of hot and sometimes cold, you want your third piece to be functional. In Singapore where I am currently staying, it often rains in the afternoon, so this long vest helps to keep me warm in the office and during my commute back home.

2. A good cover up – hesitating to wear that crop top, now you can! Crop tops are a big hit, it even made it to becoming a wedding gown style. If you’re too timid to wear that belly button showing top, or a very sexy plunging satin dress, then you have the long vest to the rescue.
IG: wlyder11
Credits to my  Image Stylist/Best Friend, Art Delos Santos
for making my hair effortlessly beautiful!

3. A good alternative – if you’ve grown tired of your usual office suit or blazer, here’s an alternative. It also has the clean polished and chic look finish to it.

IG: wlyder11

4. Drama – I usually stay clear of drama in my life but would not say no to add drama into my outfit style. In this case the longer and bolder choice of colour the better.  Take note for those who are vertically challenged, a floor length vest can help to elongate your frame. I'm thinking of getting a red floor length one on may next mall visit. 

 Still in doubt, take a cue from these famous fashionistas!

Fabulous mid-week my loves!


Get the look, here's my suggestions where you can get it:
H&M now on sale $20
MDS ow on sale $19.17
Scotty Vest in camel

Zalora (SG) now $29.90


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I never thought a long vest can be so fashionable let alone paired with so many looks!

    check us out (:

  2. Your welcome! Feel free to share your long vest style when you get one!