September 11, 2011

Weekend Finds: Cracked Nails Polish

Faceshop crack nail 
polish in brown P295
              How's your weekend ladies? (and gents?) I had a very busy weekday and it flew by so quickly. So to balance that crazy week I arrange a meet/catch-up  date with one of my besties from high school last Saturday. (Hi Lani!) Destination, where else of course the mall!  Back then when we were in highschool we never miss going to the mall on weekend even just to window shop. We don’t have that much money then, just our limited allowances, so we just drool over shoes, bags, and accessories, and wait for the next sale event.  Sadly now that we do, we rarely get together because she also has a crazy schedule.  So this weekend we made sure we check-out as many stores as our feet will allow us.
                 I’m not a big fan of nail art but this weekend’s favorite find was the shatter/cracked nail polish from Faceshop.  This trend was popularized by Miss Kathy Perry early this year.  This nail polish is a top coat that gives nails a cracked/leopard look. Cool, isn’t it? It comes in three colors, black,brown and gray. The beauty consultant from the shop recommends brown over hot pink and purple.  To save up and since I already have the hot pink, I followed her advice. 

Here’s how it looks! 
After applying the cracked 
nail polish.
I painted my nails hot pink first.

All done!
            So if your feeling this ladies, make sure to check it out next time you visit the mall, I heard its selling really fast. Hope you have a great weekday start! 

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  1. Wow! It's really cool. Ang ganda naman ng nails mo.