February 07, 2012

Date outfits

Valentines Day is near, I know most of you ladies will l be going out on a date with your husband, boyfriend, guy friend or possible future love. While the actual date is what we are all excited about, you must agree with me that the getting ready a.k.a dressing up is the most fun part. So my lovelies I‘ve got outfit ideas that'll suit your mood and flatter your body type.

Got sexy legs? Show them off with a mini dress, luckily they are in style this season along with mini skirts. Pair it with a top that is not too low for a balanced look.  If you opted for a mini skirts, make sure that its not too tight, to avoid looking hoochie.

Want to hide those thighs? If you don’t want to draw attention on your legs and thighs, I suggest you go for dark denims or trousers. Wide leg pants will make you look taller if paired with high heels. And to inject some sexiness to your outfit, wear a low cut top in a bold color.

Cleavage.  All belles out there know the drill, V-neck blouses, tanks and push-up bras are your best friends. But lets be creative here ladies, I suggest wearing your lingerie under your outfit and let it peak through. He’ll get the picture …and will want to see more!

Rocking Red. It’s a very obvious choice for Vday , but if you really, really? want to wear red, go for the right  shade of red that will compliment your skin tone.  For lighter skin, go for bright red, darker skin tone go for deep red. Hesitant,  lighter pastel shades of red will do.   To soften the outfit up, pair it with nude or beige pumps or accessories, no blacks please!

Be Comfortable. Painful shoes and jeans that clinch the stomach too much are not sexy. You want to be able to walk, sit, and eat without thinking about it.

"Balance" is the key ladies, if you're wearing a dress, put on a denim jacket. Doing jeans? A blazer polishes it right up. Have fun ladies and don't sweat being sexy.

 Happy Hearts day to everyone!


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