August 18, 2011

How do I walk in these?

       Every girl I know has a little of Carrie Bradshaw in them.  Name a girl who doesn't love shoes, and I’ll tell you why you’ll have difficulty finding one.  Girls basically love shoes so much, even if we have 20 pairs already in our shoe racks, we can never have enough.  Personally I prefer high heels over flats, because I lack in the height department, about 2-4 inches of lifts is what I go for, for me high heels make me feel (and look!) sexy.

          I know how painful they can be, but I just can’t resist a pretty pair of pumps when I see one.  Yes, even if they come in horrible 4 inches, I feel I should have them, or I have an outfit waiting for them in my closet. It’s pretty ridiculous but sometimes, if I don’t get them, I dream (literally!) of having them anyways.

          Fashion experts says high heels can make your legs slimmer, your stomach flatter and your femininity unstoppable, so how do I walk in them?

1.   1.    Choose carefully – try them on not only because you have to know they fit, but to try to know if they’re not wobbly. Try both pair and then raise one foot, if my knees stay straight, they I say they’re even. Make sure to do this on the other too.
2.  2.  Add Cushioning – there are cushions made in various shapes and materials (try Dr. Scholl’s, Kiwi or Burlington) You can stick them inside of your shoes for comfortable walking.
3.    3.  Walk like a Model – yes, try this! One of my colleagues once asks, “are you sashaying? “ . Here’s a good reason why, swaying your arms while walking helps you balance, plus it adds a graceful appearance.
4.   4.   Give your foot a break – sit down every 30mins. or so, don’t take them off, this will only allow them to worsen, they swell a bit if you do this, thus its harder to continue after.
5.   5.   Practice – start with 2 inches or wedge, and work your way to killer heels. Practice on carpet, stairs, & outside. You won’t get better if you don’t practice.

I believe every girls list of must-haves should include at least a pair of high heels, because they can transform a piece of clothing and adds a little something to an outfit. So, you ask again, how do I walk in my high heels? .... I say PROUDLY!  

Happy weekend everyone!!


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