April 09, 2015

Beach Bling: Metallic Tattoos

Summer is really here, and I bet you've just been on a swimming trip last holiday. It’s been really a while since I've been to the beach so last Easter Sunday together with friends we hit the beach.  The long hour drive and the fear of leaving something behind whenever on a vacation (wink …becoming forgetful), I do not bring gold or precious jewelry on trips. Have the same fear as mine? If you have, this latest trend is really a must have for your future getaway, concert or party event that you're planning to go to.  Ladies have you tried Metallic tattoos?

They're so cute, no need to worry
 about missing a piece of jewelry when
on vacation!

Oh hi Bey!

Metallic tattoos are very pretty and chic, they can be worn by itself or match it with your other fashion accessories, and they really look adorable.  They can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, ring, anklet and just anywhere! Tattoos are not just for kids anymore, I’ve seen them a lot on TV, magazines, celebrities, fashion bloggers and models. They are pretty easy to put on, just make sure you skin is free from oil or creams, remove the clear cover and position the design carefully, press with wet cloth to transfer and let design set. It can last up to a week.

You can order them online or  purchase it from your favorite accessory shops.
VS Model Alessandra Ambrosio

 Get those gold, silver and black inks on, gorgeous! 



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