August 21, 2015

My two weekends in Photos

I miss putting up an outfit and sale finds here on the blog, blame it on the very busy work week, including Saturday, I don’t have that much time to write and take photos.  But thankfully, the work shift has now allowed me to be free every weekend. I already enjoyed my 3 work free weekends, and now I am ready again to commit on posting great finds, and sharing my inspirations to keep everything chic and lovely!

Ladies, let me share my past 2 weekends in photos, I get to wear the other floral romper which I purchased some time ago, (click here for the link), get a new hat, just because …… I know it’s not a typical outfit accessory but a good floppy hat really helps especially when you are walking around on a sunny day.  Aside from getting it for only $5, yes believe it! , the color really helps up to brighten your OOTD.  So without further ado, here are my off days summary in photos!

This maroon Floppy Brim Hat completes my OOTD, I got it online for $5 only.                                                         

My hat and these colored stone walls.
Walk with me to Sentosa

How did I manage to balance and still strike a pose? I can coz
I'm at the Trick Eye Museum

How can I not share this with you? Pretty girls enjoying
posing too!

Enjoyed the day with these ladies.
Of course there is no better way to end up a day
than to get a blueberry ice cream. 


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