November 27, 2014

2015 Bucket list

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It’s the weekend! It’s also the weekend before my favourite month, December!  It makes me think back about the things I have done and accomplished and what I have done that I wouldn’t want to do again.  Last year I promised to myself that I will try at least 3 things that I never tried before. This 2014 I have accomplished two of them and one pretty major! I am now in a different country, the life and change is so much better, how about you ladies, I know change is very difficult but it’s the only permanent thing in this world. What’s on your top 3 Bucket List for 2015?

Here is my List:

1. Travel - my top 2 destination is Japan and Australia. 

I have friends who live in these country, I would love to visit and spend a week with them.
2. Design a dress - I know I should leave it to the Pro, but wouldn't it be nice to have your design and wear it too.

3.  Have the most comfortable , cosy bed - last time in my old apartment which I stayed in for 4 years, it took me 3 bed mattress change just because i don't feel its comfortable enough. 

Let me know what's yours, enjoy the weekend loves!


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