January 26, 2013

Weekend Find: Phone Cases from ForeverFAB

What’s with me 24/7?  My phone, it’s definitely on my “I can’t live without list nowadays”, so to give my iPhone some loving, I have to dress it up and make it look chic too, (yes of course!).  I love iPhone cases, they give a statement, and when I was presented with gorgeous designs by ForeverFab, a shop that personalizes your phone's casing,  I nearly lost my mind. They have so many designs to choose from, check out my personal favorites:
Its my dream destination!

Just because I like sparkles in almost everything

Who wouldn't want her on their phone?

ForeverFab is owned by Ms. Margarita Zabala Paulsen, a young entrepreneur who dreams to become a designer someday, juggling between school, business and going after what she loves, this lady never misses too stay chic all the time,   she is currently studying at Fountain International School. Here are her personal favorites:

For other designs check out her site @ https://www.facebook.com/ForeverFABislove

You may go with the cutesy, cartoonish, geeky or serious styles -  ladies it all up to you!


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