December 12, 2012

Miss Manners

It’s party time! Ladies I’m sure your mailbox or should I say Inbox is probably full of celebratory invites from family and friends, whether it’s a get-together, cocktail party Christmas or New Years fete, it’s our time for some socializing and to “let-loose” a little bit.  But ladies “Let Loose” doesn’t mean we should let our manners go out the window, here’s some reminders how to go through parties with finesse:

MM1- Don’t double dip – Its inappropriate (and unhealthy), spoon some sauce to your plate and dip as many times as you want.

MM2 – Don’t drink excessively – yes the booze is free flowing, but the host and some guest might feel uncomfortable with an obnoxious guest.  

MM3Don’t over eat – over indulging of foods will attract negative attention, and besides this means less food for the other guest, be considerate. 

MM4 – Don’t play with your silverware – put down your spoon or forks while talking, don’t wave or point with it.

MM5 – Always use the serving utensil – avoid using your silverware.

These are just simple reminders, but sometimes we tend to overlook them, remember ladies even the most carefree parties’ demands certain expectations.

Happy dress hunting ladies!

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