August 27, 2012

My Week In Photos

With Jed & Sandra

I came for the Reese’s, no seriously my friend Jed Ocampo will be heading back to Canada in less than a week so even if your excuse is crucial to something, not showing would put a sour taste to everyone especially if the friend celebrating took 9 years to visit home. 

L to R, Cze,Teng, Jed, Rhodz, Sandra,Jinky,Belen & Belle

The last time I see them was two months ago, it was nice to catch up, drink (yes drink, I know not really good for the skin) loosen up a bit, and what do you say a little bit of singing?

Its been months since I saw these lovelies, Marl,Sandra Jinky , Sara  & Belen

Sorry guys, you can't steal the thunder from us girls! 

Belt it out Jed, show them what you got!                                             No tie Lara, you promise me one?

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend, and remember to check back on my post to find out my weekend find, here's a peek!

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