August 08, 2012

ShEmergeny Kit 

Hi ladies! It seems like the rain keeps coming back, and in  this weather, we will never know what will happen, so here are things you should have in your emergency kit, just in case!

Thanks to Transco, I have one! My mom says always have a backup lighting on hand, in an event that the powerline goes off, it can come in handy. A whistle is safety requirement in the event of being attacked, but it is also handy if you are on the road with car troubles in a heavy rain. Blow your whistle as hard as you can to let passing traffic know you are there.  

Pain relievers
Aspirin, paracetamol are good choices for relieving cramps and headaches.

Sometimes we rely too much on our cellphones and when it goes off, so does all of our contacts, keep one handy so you can call that someone anytime.

Bobby Pins
These guys are so handy, they can double as keys, paper clips, buttons, zipper pull and so  much more!
Band aid, cotton and alcohol/hand sanitizer, plus pads and extra underwear coz you’ll never know when mother nature will surprise you! Stay safe and dry ladies!

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